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While I do agree that the deck should come down to 60 cards I am not worried about it either.

Mainly I wish to comment on the subject of Flame Slash Buy for control of Spellskite Buy. I personally think the inclusion of it is a horrible idea. While Lightning Bolt Buy will not kill a Spellskite Buy it does kill everything else in the game it needs to including the opponent while at the same time holds onto a flexibility of play not seen by any other burn spell in the Eternal of MTG.

Also the inclusion on just a single copy of Flame Slash Buy is ridiculous to suggest seeing there is such a low probability of drawing into it the turn before or of that you would need it. This deck as the ability to dig for it but now resources are being wasted on a single card that most likely will not appear before you tap out and concede your turn to the opponent.

Keep in mind that 3 copies of snapecaster mage are also in this so a second lightning bolt can easily be played as flashback to kill the [card]spellskite. I do recognized this will give a card advantage to the opponent but it is only "IF" the opponent is running Spellskite Buy. My local meta is not running it at all for instance.

There is also the 4 copies of Remand Buy to keep Spellskite Buy off the board temporarily. Also there are 3 copies of Ancient Grudge Buy, 4 copies of Echoing Truth Buy, and 2 copies of Dismember Buy in the sideboard to adjust as needed for game 2 and if need be game 3. I think he is well covered in this area of discussion.

Lastly I know of only one deck design that is running a play set main or otherwise. Most net decks are running 2-3 between main and side. Twin Exarch is an extremely condensed and extremely fast hitting deck that "Should" land kill before the opponent lands use of Spellskite Buy.

By the way Uchiha Itachi I do love the inclusion of Swan Song Buy. Great touch to this deck. You have your bases covered well with this deck and I don't really want to see anything change with it.
Posted By ghostfire86
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