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That's a nice take on Meren's ability. I drew some opening hands and I have to say - the inclusion of the white cards is risky. My first hand was sol ring lands and two pridemages - not much to play there. I'd push white out of the deck, just for consistency reasons. Meren seems sweet, maybe add one more? Svogthos, the Restless Tomb Buy seems to be a consistent way to potentially win games, I'd play more than two, for the lonely and completely useless Shizo, Death's Storehouse Buy for example. The primordial seems clunky and not very good in all situations. If your collection has some sweet duals with white I would add them for the possibility to play the white dudes from your hand. Also it would allow to play Unburial Rites Buy and this seems sweet in sell-mill. Maybe dredge could be a great mechanic too? Nice and innovative deck that lacks a bit of speed and consistency. Like the originality.
Posted By blunthans
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