Guru You may have noticed that some eM members have an icon on their posts that looks like an eye. This icon means that the member is a guru. So what is a guru? What do they do? How can you become one? This page is here to answer all of these questions.

  • What is a Guru?
    Gurus are eM members that have demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the Magic rules. Generally, these members frequently answer questions in our Rules Questions forum.
  • Are Gurus Ever Wrong?
    You can usually trust any answer that you get from a guru. But gurus are definitely not infallible, and they do sometimes make mistakes. However, whenever a guru makes a mistake, he will usually be quickly corrected by another guru. And, since many of our gurus are DCI-certified judges, they can always double-check with the DCI if there is any doubt about an answer.
  • How Can I Contact the Gurus?
    You can contact the gurus by sending an email to
  • How Can I Become a Guru?
    The first rule of becoming a guru is never ask to be a guru. If we feel that you have what we're looking for, then we will contact you. In general, we will only consider making you a guru if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are a regular visitor to the site
    • You regularly participate in our Rules Questions forum
    • You are friendly and intelligible in your posts
    • You demonstrate a firm understanding of the Magic rules
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