Wouldn't it be cool if every time you typed the name of a card on our website, it would automatically be a link to that card's information?!? Or what if you could put links in your deck descriptions?!? Or Pictures?!? Well, you can... and it's actually pretty simple. All thanks to some little things we call e-Tags.

For those of you who are familiar with HTML, e-Tags should be pretty simple. All you have to do to turn ordinary text into an e-Tag is enclose it in the appropriate tag. For example, to make the words Hello There bold, you need to enclose it in [b] tags. So, you would type [b]Hello There[/b].

It's important to notice the difference between the opening tag [b] and the closing tag [/b]. The closing tag has a "/" just before the letter "b". This is how the webpage knows where you want to end the bold formatting.


  • The [card] Tag
    This tag turns a card's name into a link to that card. In addition, it makes the card's name show the color of the card. Also, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4 or later, you will be able to hover your mouse over the card's name to see it's information.

    For example, typing [card]Grizzly Bears[/card] would display Grizzly Bears Buy.


  • The [rule] Tag
    For you rules gurus out there, you'll love the [rule] tag. This little tag comes in handy when you're trying to explain how something works and you don't feel like typing the entire rulebook.

    Every rule in the General Rulings Summaries has a rule number. And that number is all you need to know to make a link to that rule. Let's take Rule A.27.5 for example. Instead of just typing Rule A.27.5, try typing this: [rule]A.27.5[/rule]. This will be replaced with a link to the rule automatically.


  • The [quote] Tag
    This tag can be used to quote something from another post. There's already a "Quote" button at the bottom of all posts, so if you want to quote an entire post, that's the easiest way to do it. But, if you want to be specific about what you quote, this tag's for you!

    To indicate that a block of text is a quote, just surround it in [quote] and [/quote] tags like this: [quote]This is a quote.[/quote]. This will produce the following results:

    Quote:This is a quote.

    If you want to indicate who you are quoting, just add their username to the opening [quote] tag like this: [quote=Richard Garfield]This is a quote.[/quote]. This will produce the following results:

    Quoting Richard Garfield:This is a quote.

  • The [user] Tag
    This tag can be used make a link to another Essential Magic user's profile page.

    To indicate that a block of text is a username, just surround it in [user] and [/user] tags like this: [user]Grimmer[/user]. This will produce the following results:



  • Simple Formatting
    To make text bold, italics, or underlined, you will need to use the [b], [i], and [u] tags respectively.

    Typing How are [b]you[/b] doing? results in:   How are you doing?
    Typing How are [i]you[/i] doing? results in:   How are you doing?
    Typing How are [u]you[/u] doing? results in:   How are you doing?
    Typing How are [u][b][i]you[/i][/b][/u] doing? results in:   How are you doing?


  • Extended Formatting
    If you want to take formatting a step further, then you can use the [size], [color], and [backcolor] tags. These tags require you to give them a parameter. For example, to make some text have a yellow background, you would need to type [backcolor=Yellow]some text[/backcolor].

    Typing [size=24]Big Text[/size] results in:   Big Text
    Typing [color=Red]Red Text[/color] results in:   Red Text
    Typing [backcolor=Yellow]Yellow Background[/color] results in:   Yellow Background
    Typing [size=16][color=Red][backcolor=Yellow]Big, Red text on a Yellow background[/backcolor][/color][/size] results in:   Big, Red text on a Yellow background


  • Hyperlinks
    You can make hyperlinks by using the [url] tag. This tag works with or without a parameter. If you don't pass a parameter, then the text inside the tags is used as both the link and the text. If you do use a parameter, then the text inside the tags will be a link to the address specified in the parameter.

    For example, typing [url]http://www.EssentialMagic.com[/url] will result in http://www.EssentialMagic.com.
    Or you could type [url=http://www.EssentialMagic.com]Our Homepage[/url] to get Our Homepage.


  • Email Links
    The [email] tag works very similarly to the [url] tag, except that when you click on an Email Link, it lets you send an emial to the specified address.

    Typing [email]Support@EssentialMagic.com[/email] results in:   Support@EssentialMagic.com.
    Typing [email=Support@EssentialMagic.com]Customer Support[/email] results in:   Customer Support.


  • Images and Image Links
    The [img] tag allows you to put images into your text. To use them, you just need to put the address of the image file inside the [img] tags. You can make the image a link by enclosing the [img] tag with a [url] tag.

    Typing [img]http://www.EssentialMagic.com/Images/icoEM.gif[/img] results in:  
    Typing [url=http://www.EssentialMagic.com][img]http://www.EssentialMagic.com/Images/icoEM.gif[/img][/url] results in:  


  • Smileys & Symbols
    In addition to e-Tags, there are also a few special character combinations that can be used to easily display certain symbols. The list below lists these characters and shows the symbols that will be displayed in their place.

    To Display This: Type This:   To Display This: Type This:
    Happy Smiley :) White Mana Symbol (W)
    Sad Smiley :( Blue Mana Symbol (U)
    Angry Smiley >:| Black Mana Symbol (B)
    Sorry Smiley <:| Red Mana Symbol (R)
    Cool Smiley 8) Green Mana Symbol (G)
    Thumbs Up (Yes) Tap Symbol (Tap)
    Thumbs Down (No)

    Mana Symbols
    Light Bulb (I)
    Heart (L)

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