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Legacy DAT (you rate, I rate), by Teferi_pl      (60 cards)

Deck Info
Created: 8/20/2007
Updated: 9/15/2007
Colors: Blue Black Green

Intended Format: Legacy
Vintage: Legal
Block: Not Legal
Standard: Not Legal
Extended: Not Legal
MTGO Open: Not Legal
MTGO Vinta: Not Legal
MTGO Exten: Not Legal
MTGO Stand: Not Legal
MTGO Block: Not Legal
Legacy: Legal
Modern: Not Legal

Deck Cost: $870.63*
Sideboard: $50.07*
Total Cost: $920.70*

Average Ratings
Deck Tools
1 View Picture Genesis Buy
1 View Picture Meloku the Clouded Mirror Buy
3 View Picture Psychatog Buy
1 View Picture Wonder Buy

4 View Picture Accumulated Knowledge Buy
4 View Picture Brainstorm Buy
4 View Picture Counterspell Buy
2 View Picture Cunning Wish Buy
2 View Picture Duress Buy
4 View Picture Force of Will Buy
3 View Picture Intuition Buy
1 View Picture Life from the Loam Buy
2 View Picture Stifle Buy

3 View Picture Pernicious Deed Buy

2 View Picture Vedalken Shackles Buy

2 View Picture Flooded Strand Buy
4 View Picture Island Buy
3 View Picture Lonely Sandbar Buy
4 View Picture Polluted Delta Buy
1 View Picture Swamp Buy
4 View Picture Tropical Island Buy
4 View Picture Underground Sea Buy
1 View Picture Wasteland Buy

Sideboard     (15 cards)
1 View Picture Berserk Buy
1 View Picture Darkblast Buy
2 View Picture Duress Buy
1 View Picture Extirpate Buy
1 View Picture Fact or Fiction Buy
1 View Picture Hideous Laughter Buy
4 View Picture Hydroblast Buy
1 View Picture Krosan Grip Buy
1 View Picture Pernicious Deed Buy
2 View Picture Pithing Needle Buy

What's a Sideboard?

How it Works

You rate, I rate! Please comment thoughtfully and I'll return the favor.

***Any changes I've made to this deck since I originally posted it are noted at the end of this explanation.***

This is one of the more complicated decks I've ever built. It's been argued that Legacy players do not have the skill required to run a Psychatog deck effectively, and while I've experienced success with this at small tournaments I've yet to bring it to a major event. Tog is definitely not an autopilot deck like Goblins or threshold. I've been practicing with it for a couple of years now, and this is how my build currently looks. Please give me advice based on what your predictions might be for a large event.

Card Choices:

Force of Will Buy, Counterspell Buy, Duress Buy. Duress is actually sort of a metagame slot. There is a lot of combo and threshold around here, so, I was thinking it'd be a good choice over lets say, Darkblast Buy or Vedalken Shackles Buy. Mainly it removes Swords to plowshares, counterspells, discard, land destruction, storm combo pieces... and other things that combo-control decks find devastating. I'd mainly be interested in removing Goblin Lackey if it came down to replacing this with creature kill. Counterspell and Force of Will, on the other hand, go without saying.

Pernicious Deed Buy. Another arguement against playing tog in legacy is the heavy aggro/aggro-control metagames, which regular blue/black tog is not effective against. However, pernicious deed is the most efficient board destruction in the game, and can give me a fair fight against aggro. It forces people to pithing needle naming deed before they can needle psychatog, and I might kill them before they get the second needle. It also stops crypt from going off before it can do relevant damage to my graveyard.

Draw/combo collection:
Intuition Buy is really the fuel that makes this deck work in a consistent and timely fashion. Please keep reading and I'll explain how I try to use it- this card is where the deck gets really complicated and experienced-based.
Fact or Fiction Buy gives me all the options I could ever want and pumps tog +6/+6 if I need to make him lethal right away.
Accumulated Knowledge Buy Worked well with legacy psychatog at its peak, and keeps cards in my hand so I have mana, answers, and combo pieces. I can intuition for them, but this is only when I'm desperate for cards or already have one in my hand and there's nothing better to intuition for.
Life from the Loam Buy+Lonely Sandbar Buy is the main draw engine of this deck as it fills my hand just as fast as it does my graveyard, and the dredge maximizes my AKs and gets incarnations into the graveyard.
Mystical Tutor Buy- This is a one-of because it's good, but not amazing. It helps get intuition or cunning wish if I need either really bad. Or a fourth AK, fact or fiction, or life from the loam. I mean, sometimes I'm glad to see it, but maybe it's acceptable as another fact or fiction or a vedalken shackles. Let me know what you think.

Psychatog Buy is the card I prefer to kill people with. It's the most efficient creature in the game and is easier to protect than Meloku. Also, it's abilities simply end the game, while Meloku takes a few turns.
Meloku, the Clouded Mirror Is played here in case tog can't go off for some reason, like, because of Extirpate Buy or something random like that, I'll still have Meloku. Also, his ability is really synergetic with Psychatog.
Wonder Buy gives tog evasion.
Genesis Buy brings tog back if he had to die or got dredged away. And I guess with wonder in the graveyard it can serve as a suitable alternate win condition.

Berserk Buy is a BOMB. It ends the game, and lets psychatog become lethal before the opponent expects him to be. This is the main deck "combo."
Extirpate Buy is played seeing that I'm weak somewhat against ichorid, swords to plowshares, wasteland, and solidarity. This card very well has the potential to save my ass in really bad match-ups and disable combos and answers. So I approve it as a necessary wish target.
Krosan Grip Buy is aimed mostly at pithing needle, but there are other artifacts and enchantments I don't want to have anything to do with. It's a funny way to get rid of their pernicious deed, as well.
Hideous Laughter Buy is a wish target that gets rid of goblins and the white weenie deck that's running rampant right now. It's strong against some other matches, too. Like the occasional meathooks deck. The main thing is that it's an instant, so I don't have to take more than one slot in my sideboard for this effect.

Using Intuition:
The most common grab for intuition, once threats are under control and they're not going to kill you for the next few turns is 2 Lonely Sandbars and Life from the Loam. This is where the power milling starts. Once you can grab three sandbars with life, you will have amazing hand advantage all game and tog will be lethal in just a turn or two.
Intuition for AK sometimes happens if you really want to kill someone on your next turn or if you're playing against black and they've been relentlessly hymn to touraching all day. It'll keep you in the game. Sometimes you need those sorts of answers right away playing against burn, too.
Intuition for wonder and genesis happens when you need to make tog fly or get him back from the graveyard, or something.
In situations of dire emergency, you can intuition for deed or force of will, but only if you're going to lose the game if you do not.
Intuition can also grab three psychatogs, but ONLY if you know they don't have an answer for that (or you have multiple counters and islands to back him up) or if you have genesis in your graveyard. Using intuition like a tutor isn't bad all the time. Sometimes it's the best play. But only do it when winning depends on it.
Now, knowing what to grab depends on where you are in the game. It takes a LOT of practice to figure out how to maximize intuition in this deck. After a while it becomes somewhat... "Intuitive" if you don't mind me saying so. Intuition can be pitched as a spell they're forced to counter, so you can resolve deed or something really mean the next turn.

The sooner, the better. This can happen seldomly on turn 5 at the earliest with cunning wish for berserk. You want to make sure that nothing will stop them from taking lethal damage when you do try to win, because the attack takes up a lot of energy. One can recover from a failed attack, it just sucks to have lost all those counterspells. Sometimes you can attack when tog doesn't appear to them to be lethal, and they'll let it through. If you have some AKs, or FoF, or Cunning Wish, this is a good time to kill them. You can also kill them late game when they're top decking lands with nothing in play and you have a big fat graveyard.

My questions:
In my meta I worry about siding against Goblins, Direct damage, and solidarity since they do exist though they're an uncommon match-up. I need some insightful sideboarding suggestions. Since I do not run Dark ritual, I think that Engineered Plague might be too slow. Let me know if you disagree, and please support your suggestions with reasons to play those cards. Also, please specify quantities when making these suggestions. Do NOT make a case for why tog is bad in legacy, I've heard it all.


I've taken out an island and a mystical tutor for two Stifle, since the deck runs just fine on 23 lands and stifle can be aimed at storm, wasteland, tormod's crypt, any triggered abilities on goblins, (such as that of Pile Driver, lackey, ringleader, or matron) someone else's pernicious deed, or if I'm playing against threshold, fetchlands.

I've put Fact or Fiction in the sideboard since I side out AKs during the golbins match-up in favor of hydroblast and darkblast, so that cunning wish can provide me with a major draw spell when I have to do that.

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