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Cubing it up by OrnithopterLover
Let's face it, most magic players are not rich. For those of use that love limited, that's an even more painful truth. A while ago, I was introduced to an alternative to normal drafting that I loved, and I wanted to share it with you.
Orginally published 5/28/2010
Budget Building: Episode 9 - Quality Cards: Jund by Kevin Weber
Another installment of Budget Building, this time tackled from a perspective of "Good Decks Play Good Cards."
Orginally published 3/17/2009
A Cardboard Education by Solpugid
fun! Thatís what Magic is supposed to be about; what ANY hobby is ultimately about. However, Magic isnít just a hobby to me.
Orginally published 12/7/2007
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Vedalken Archmage Buy + Ornithopter Buy + Words of Wind Buy
Whip out the vedalken as enchantress gets a new name.... Vedalken... No longer enchantments, but... Oh no an ornithopter! Where the madnes begins, and your opponents humiliation ends.... IS UP TO YOU! Happy
Posted by Insanec13
Rating: (29)
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