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eM's Advanced Card Search was one of the first MTG card search engines, and we believe to be the most powerful available since inception. Heck, who needs humility?
The Sum Of All the Parts: Combo, Synergy and Manaceleration by Scott
Come hither and listen, to a story I have to tell: "Oh once there was a player, a gamer, who thought he knew the tune, he posted his combo and grinned to himself as he knew he had a winner. But the very next day he logged onto see, that his post had been deleted. Why he wondered did this horrendous thing happen?" So before you go posting and possibly get burnt; come here and give a good read.
Orginally published 3/29/2010
How to Beat the Pros!! by EODLuigi
Hopefully this article will put a stop to that for all the veterans, or even noobs, that have hopes and dreams of playing in a Pro event some day.
Orginally published 3/6/2007
Best Magic the Gathering Artwork by
We have compiled a list of the most highly rated artwork from all 21,000+ cards in our database. You'll never guess the #1 card.
Orginally published 11/12/2013
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Combo of the Day
Donate Buy + Sacred Ground Buy + Price of Glory Buy
Cast the enchantments, then Donate Buy Price of Glory Buy to opponent. Now, during his turn, tap all your mana, they all die, come back, tap, die, come back, perfect for a Rage or Volcanic Geyser Buy.
Posted by diablos8
Rating: (42)
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