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Vintage: Proxy Wars by Anomander
Ive been playing Type 1, Vintage, for a number of years now and Ive run in to some interesting attitudes around Type 1 play and, in particular, around proxies.
Orginally published 1/3/2007
Magic Parsimony by Solpugid
When conducting scientific research it is widely accepted that a simple way of performing an experiment is better than a complex way. As long as they yield the same results, the process with the fewest steps is the best.
Orginally published 3/22/2007
Of all the innovations that we have been witness to, perhaps none more has been more prominent than the rise or, for older players, the return of the rivalry of Discard vs. Counterspell.
Orginally published 6/22/2011
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Combo of the Day
Rings of Brighthearth Buy + Deserted Temple Buy + Scorched Ruins Buy
Well..i checked and this hadnt been posted Happy

simply tap the ruins for {4} mana, use {1} to use deserted temples untap ability, use {2} mana to use brighthearth and copy the untap ability.
uptap the scorched ruins and use the other trigger to untap deserted temple Happy
Youll have {1} mana remaining :P
Repeat for infinite x)
I love it for EDH
haha ive recognised that mono coloured combos work the best...most ppl cbf reading through random combos and not knowing how they work :P

Posted by daniel chen2
Rating: (14)
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Theros has brought Gods into our planes. What is the best God/Legendary artifact combo?
Heliod, God of the Sun - Spear of Heliod
Thassa, God of the Sea - Bident of Thassa
Erebos, God of the Dead - Whip of Erebos
Purphoros, God of the Forge - Hammer of Purphoros
Nylea, God of the Hunt - Bow of Nylea
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