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To Mill or not to Mill, that is the Question . . . by Sven Kingson
I'd like to write about the understated, undervalued, but highly pleasurable third path to victory in MTG.
Orginally published 9/14/2009
How we build our decks... by svl7786
It is a Thursday night, I have just returned home from work and now I don't know what to do with the rest of my evening. So I head to my room, pull out my 3 monster boxes of Magic the Gathering cards, and prepare to build a deck before my friends stop by. But where do I start?
Orginally published 12/17/2007
Vintage: Proxy Wars by Anomander
Iíve been playing Type 1, Vintage, for a number of years now and Iíve run in to some interesting attitudes around Type 1 play and, in particular, around proxies.
Orginally published 1/3/2007
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Combo of the Day
Wirewood Symbiote Buy + Priest of Titania Buy + Mirror Entity Buy
The typical combo. But this combo give you the way to win using the infinite mana with mirror entity to attack.

1.Convert symbiote into elf using mirror ability
2. Tap Priest for 3 mana
3. bounce symbiote with its ability to untap priest.
4. play symbiote (it lefts you GG)
5. Convert Symbiote into elf (it lefts you G)
6. Repeat from 2 to 5 for a billion mana and left priest untapped.
8. Convert all your creature in a billion/billion creatures
9. Attack.

Posted by husita
Rating: (14)
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