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We are the playgroup of the owners of Essential Magic. Check out this article about us that describes our group.
Orange County, California, United States
Formats & House Rules
We play some 1x1 but mostly big FFA games that take waaay too long. We also play 2 or 3 headed dragon, kill-your-neighbor FFA, all tribal decks, and Emperor when we have the right numbers. We also sometimes play theme games like all-black decks for Halloween.

House Rules
1. We play by "friendly" mulligan rules, which is if you do not have two lands in your starting hand, go ahead and redraw. If you redraw, anybody can redraw. No card-loss penalty.
2. We mostly live by Type I (Vintage) banned/restricted lists, but allow most Unglued/Unhinged cards.
3. White and black hate cards are banned because Mike almost always plays white, and Alex likewise plays black.
4. We have on the spot democratic card rulings and often refer to rulings listed in eM. Later we may debate card rulings for days via email, use the Rules Forum on eM, or contact Wizards.
5. We play Icy Manipulator with the original rules, such that you can wait until your opponent attacks you with a certain creature before you tap it and stop it from attacking. This is so we don't have to announce "I AM ENTERING MY ATTACK PHASE NOW" and wait for everybody to wake up and respond each turn in multiplayer games.
6. In order to speed up games, we sometimes allow next-card-look-ahead, unless your deck has some special advatage with that.
7. We usually allow take-backs...but "the victim" opponent gets to choose to allow it...or we vote.
8. Specific infinite combos can only be played once a night and sometimes only once ever. Once you've shown it off, put it away before somebody gets mad.
9. Despite how much empathy you feel in multiplayer games, you must kill iamSuperman first or pay the consequences later! Happy
Real Life
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