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The Dragons Den Krew

There isn't enough support for Magic players in Australia, so we think that if enough players stand up and are heard then we will get the recognition and additional support that we need from The WPN as new locations. We welcome anyone and everyone, including players from other countries, as all viewpoints are valid and accepted.
The Blind Eternities (Toowoomba, Queensland), Australia
Formats & House Rules
We run regular casual events at our local shop with Booster Drafts and/or Sealed tournaments when we can. We also do the Magic League sometimes as well. Our local store recently became 'Core' Level, so now we add prereleases, FNM and Games Days to our roster (much to the excitement of our local group). We play all formats. From Commander to Planechase, standard to legacy. Anything Magic related is acceptable. We welcome anyone who is interested in Magic, both casually and seriously. Cool
Real Life
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Essential Magic Clans
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