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Omega Revolution

We're a small group of players from around the country (that is to say, the U.S.) that met over the internet. We play a lot through both AIM and Apprentice, though not MtGO.
We'll definitely welcome most anyone into our group that wishes to add to the challenge and fun. We all just want to have a good time, cardslinging with other like-minded individuals. If this sounds appeasing to you, playing casually here and there against whomever you want, please join up. If anyone has any further questions or just want to play, feel free to hit us up on PM or even AIM if you see us on.
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Formats & House Rules
We will play most any format you can possibly play over the internet, from EDH to Tribal Wars to Standard to other made-up formats with even wackier rules. Although we don't usually use Un- cards, seeing as how many are impossible to play online, if there are some that you wish to use, and they are easy to simulate through Apprentice, we won't mind if you proxy them.
Every player has his or her preferred format(s); we might add a description of some of our custom formats in the description eventually.
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