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If you've got a group of friends you play Magic the Gathering (MTG) or Magic Online (MO) with, create your own Clan here! You will get your own group homepage and a private forum to discuss your group and its activities.
Or, do you want to find other Magic players in your area? Search for clans or players in your area below!

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Latest ClansLargest Clans
DamnationNew YorkUnited States
Diablo Science Theater 3000South CarolinaUnited States
Fuck off lollolBangladesh
Magic Legends United States
The GardenPhiladelphiaUnited States
Playing4cookiesMichiganUnited States
The Dragons Den KrewThe Blind Eternities (Toowoomba, Queensland)Australia
The Las Cruces Cutie PiesLas CrucesUnited States
Guntherian WarriorsGlasford-Bloomington/Normal Area, IllinoisUnited States
Clinton CasualClintonUnited States
**Royal Off-Topic Society!**Underneath your momVirgin Islands (British)Miscellaneous53
**Peasant Off-Topic Society**Right HereVirgin Islands (US)Real Life & Magic Online46
Friends of the Planet no LD please!TexasUnited StatesMagic Online43
Magic Legends United StatesReal Life43
The GardenPhiladelphiaUnited StatesReal Life19
Omega RevolutionOnline- Other -Miscellaneous15
Flo-Town Plainswalkers GuildFlorence, SCUnited StatesReal Life15
eMWSMagic Workstation, Located within a series of tubes.- Other -Real Life & Magic Online15
Psychobound.Virginia United StatesReal Life13
Kiwi Hybrid & FriendsPittsburgh, City of ChampionsUnited StatesReal Life13
*Updated continuously*Updated daily



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