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Triumphant Trading

by Allanon555

Have you ever preformed a trade only to look back at it later that night and regret that you traded your Psionic Blast for a Kaldera set?  It sucks.  As fun as this game is, it can make people very greedy. Most people won’t take the time to make sure that a trade is even or fair. On any given day you could see a trade consist of a Steam Vents go for 4 Golgari Grave Trolls. And if you happen to see the guy again and work up the nerve to ask if you can trade the cards back, what’s going to happen? Your stuck with 4 Golgari Grave Trolls.

This article is about getting the most out of your trade. I’ve traded many times and have been ripped off just the same as you have. These are the rules I follow in order to get an even trade.

1.     Trade for only what you need. Yeah that foil Mindslaver looks really cool but the guy you are trading has 2 regular ones that you can get for the same price as the foil. Don’t waste your card pool on getting something just because it looks pretty unless that’s what you’re looking for.

2.    Wait to trade and watch the persons trade book. Now this step can be tricky but it works. If you go to your local FNM every Friday and every Friday you look at a friends trades every Friday pay attention to the cards you want. For example if you need an Urza’s Rage and he has one when nobody else does, do not be the first to jump all over it. Wait a while and watch his binder. You may come in the next week and see that it’s gone. However you might go in next week and see it sitting there in the same spot never touched or moved. In that case you might be able to get it from him for less than you could buy one for. If he isn’t using a card and notices that nobody wants it either, and you say that you want it, he is going to jump on the opportunity to get rid of it to get something he needs.  This step may not always apply to more expensive cards. They may just be sitting there because the owner feels attached to it, or wants something absurd for it. Don’t bother trying to get this card if he shows he doesn’t want to get rid of it. More often than not you will throw 25$ worth of cards to get his 15$ card.

3.    Always know the price of your cards. Know how much you would sell them for cash and how much you would trade them for. If people are saying that your Akroma is going for 30 but nobody will trade to get it at this price be wary and look it up. Find your favorite price guide and decide its value at this. Stick with the price as well. If your akroma is reading 17$ on essential magic but someone uses the famous phrase “I can but them for 10 online!” Then let them buy it for 10 online and you trade your Akroma to someone else who agrees that the price so you can get the most for your card.

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