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The art of Fun

by Michael Burke

There is on desirable attribute of a magic deck, and that is the word titling this section. If you can make your deck work well every time, then it’s a good thing. But if playing casual, then consistency gets a bit dull.
What is the point of playing 10 games if they are all going to be the same?

Through all this I discovered the art of the Highlander.

The basics of the highlander my friends and I play are simple.

Build a deck with whatever cards you want in it, but you are only allowed 1 of each (except basic land).

Highlander destroys consistency. Which may seem bad to you Competitive people, but to the casual folk, it is dream.
Each game is a game entirely different to the last, anything can happen.

1.    It is cheap, as you are not forking out 4x $x each set.
2.    You can use all those rares that you only have 1 ofs that you pulled from packs.
3.    You don have to alter it that often, because you can use any card, and there is no rotation.
4.    you can even just make it out of your junk commons.
5.    mess around with the format, get your friends together and give each 20 minutes to make a highlander deck out of the cards you have. Its all about a bit of fun

I will just run you through some card choices

Tutors… Vampiric Tutor are Demonic Tutor both great cards, and help your deck out.
Tainted Pact shines in this format as you will get the card you want, albeit some basic lands, but you can get around that with snow covered and non basics.
Black owns destruction: Rend Flesh, Diabolic Edict, Smother, Nekrataal, Bane of the Living, Bone Shredder, Barter in Blood, the list goes on. If you can kill away a creature, there is no more of them in the deck
Discard: Duress, Cabal Therapy, Ravenous Rats: as above, if you get rid of it, it probably isn’t coming back

Gifts Ungiven, Fact or Fiction, Intuition: these are great cards, and promote thinking and fun for the choice.
Counters aka Force of Will, Mana Leak, Remand, Counterspell etc. as there is a one of system, it limits the amount of counter magic in the deck.
Blue also has the bounce mechanic and control magic. All great in singleton decks.

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