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Vintage: Proxy Wars

by Anomander

Topic #3 – Respect

Truly the fuzziest of the topics and one that appeals to pathos, when someone says that I’m “Disrespecting” the game when I use proxies I can’t help but shake my head.  I’ve bought hundreds of cards.  I’ve printed hundreds of cards.  I’ve paid my dues.  My hat is off to the makers of Magic: The Gathering, and in no way am I trying to take away from the Standard (type 2) environment or the seriousness of tournaments when I print off and glue stick a Time Walk to an Allied Strategies.

Angry  “Ya, but that’s not REAL magic”

When I’m playing proxies, I’m playing REAL MAGIC.  I obey the rules, I win, I lose, I laugh, and I cry.  All I haven’t done is spent a shwack of money.  And don’t get me wrong, there is great fun in being a “Collector” and actually purchasing the money cards so that you can gaze at them, chest swelling with pride.  Having real cards is cool, and proxies don’t cramp my style.

I want to make decks that do everything.  It follows logically that I want to use every card.  I don’t have access to every real card, and it’s unlikely that you do either.  Let’s set our differences aside, and play for the sake of playing.

Cool It’s not like I’m sticking this on a card --->

: I win the game

Thanks for reading,


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