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How to Beat the Pros!!

by EODLuigi

Greetings fellow gatherers!  Let me start by saying that I have been playing Magic since Alpha and have been to several Pro events as both a player and a judge.  One of the biggest things I see in big amateur events i.e. States, Regional’s, and PTQ’s is experienced players getting sacked in the Swiss rounds and failing to make the top 8.  One of the biggest reasons for this is that the players who have pro points on their cards are hogging all the slots and winning most of their matches.  Hopefully this article will put a stop to that for all the veterans, or even noobs, that have hopes and dreams of playing in a Pro event some day.

 The first tournament I ever played in was a casual one at my local comic shop right after Unlimited released.  Back in those days of course we had little to no restrictions and there was no such thing as the Power Nine.  My first opponent I played was a man, who shall remain anonymous, that was eight years my senior and much better than I.  Needless to say, I got smoked.  In fact, he killed me on the first turn with a Mountain, Black Lotus, Fireball, and Channel in the second game we played.  Being as young as I was I got very discouraged and angry about the loss.  Anyway, if that never would have happened I probably would never have had any motivation to continue playing Magic and striving to constantly get better.  

Later on in my career I had a run in with a guy named Darwin Kastle.  Some of you may have heard of him before.  If you haven’t, well he is one of the very few people fortunate enough to be inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame.  Once again I was beat in two games and left asking myself why I even bother.  My competitive edge got the best of me and I just couldn’t give up there.  I went back through the matches in my head and wrote down what I could remember of his deck list on a piece of paper.  After a couple of hours of analyzing all of this I said to myself, “on paper my deck wins most of the time, so how in the heck did I lose so badly”.  The answer was simple, play mistakes, hastiness, lack of concentration, bad poker face – basically nothing that had to do with what was written on the cards.  I learned a HUGE lesson that day to say the least.  I played like an amateur who did not deserve to be there on that day and got whooped by a true professional.

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