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Superstition in Magic: the Gathering

by Isaure

On my first game, I set out 5 different dice before my opponent, and asked him to choose one. He chose the 20-sided:

“Why did you choose that die?”
“I am cursed with the dice, they have a violent allergic reaction when I roll.”
“So why the 20-sided?”
“I usually never roll anything above a 3, f-ing gravity alters itself just for me, 20 sides makes it more random.”

He rolls and gets… a 1!

The player sitting next to him speaks up: “Wow, don’t take it wrongly, but I don’t want you on my team in D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)”… (We only have a select group of regulars that participate in FNM, so we all know each other and he did mean it truly as a jest).

I was playing my storm deck ( against his opponent with an Angel/Dread Return/Resurrection deck. I laid down a mountain, Rite of Flame, Rite of Flame, Empty the Warrens, getting 6 goblins on the first turn. He didn’t have any other lands or playable spells, and the goblins swung three times for 18 damage until a Wrath of God was played on the fourth turn. Several turns later, had just that one mountain and a lotus bloom that would have come into play. However, I was holding an Ignite Memories. If I top-decked a land, or a Rite of Flame, or Seething Song I would have enough mana to play Ignite Memories with at least one storm copy. I removed the last time counter from the Lotus Bloom... Knowing the game hung on my next draw, I explained the situation and asked my opponent “what ritual do you use to top-deck-for-the-win?”

My opponent hit the top of my library... “I suck with top-decking too, always mana flood or mana screw, you know what’s a good game, World of Warcraft (The indignity! In my opinion WoW cards are so simple and bland that they don’t even deserve to be used as tokens in a Magic Game! Long live MTG!!!) all I’ve done is probably curse your draw.”

I draw the card, for a moment my self-control lost in sheer ecstasy, Dreadship Reef!!!

That guy went on to do better than me overall.

Having finished my match I asked around for the strangest superstition the players have yet encountered. Throughout the evening the most popular answer to this question was that players do not play games between rounds. That struck me as strange, for I will accept any challenge, but thinking about it maybe those players willed their decks to remain unknown to potential opponents. The most curious reply I got was after my second match, where one individual once played (and lost to) an opponent that sacrificed cards before every game (worthless commons I suppose).

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