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In the Blink of an Eye (Pun definitely intended)

by Harrison Postler

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Harrison Postler and I am an Iowa City local and am a regular at the local game shop. I have recently got back into magic after a brief sojourn between the onslaught block up until after coldsnap came out. I mostly play standard and that is what I am here to talk about today.  Before I start telling you what to think or do, let me tell you a little story.  When I first got back into magic competitively, I met a man name Ervin, now Ervin is convinced that he is the best thing to have walked this earth since ever.  Now, he is a decent player. But lacks insight into many topics and couldn’t build his way out of a box.  Now, the concept of a netdeck was exceedingly foreign to me at the time so I naturally wanted to make my own decks, the first deck I came up with was mono-blue pickles.  This was before any one knew what pickles was, so naturally Ervin told me that I was stupid and that the deck was too slow and wouldn’t go anywhere.  This came back to bite Ervin in the hind parts, when, weeks later he lost to it in the final match of a cash tourney.  The next deck I wanted to make was a golgari reanimator that took off color finishers, i.e. akroma, or bogardan hellkite, from your graveyard to play, the deck is now known as Dredgerator.  This idea was again shot down by Ervin, and I became crestfallen.  That was when I started netdecking, and I met with similar success.  My first net deck idea I pursued was project X, which still has a special place in my heart.  Much to my dismay, I again faced persecution from this man they call Ervin, so I quit that deck, which became one of the favorite decks at the latest standard GP, with one top 8 appearance.  After realizing those were the only 3 things I ever wanted to build since I got back in, I've learned to gauge the success of my deck ideas by seeing how much Ervin poo-poo's them.  That’s why when I tell you Ervin thought blink riders was bad, that means this is going to be an awesome deck.

 After the release of Planar Chaos, the standard metagame has shifted considerably, making fast beat decks like MGA and RGB popular. With the introduction of the new, there has also been an outdating of decks like dragonstorm and my personally beloved soggy pickles. With a metagame geared towards quick kills, control/combo decks no longer have the luxury of time to set up their locks and the void for these decks need to be filled. The popular control decks today have answers for aggro, giving them the time they need to set up they dealio, and those who don't have horridly bad matchups against aggro decks, which is something that can't happen if you plan on being successful.  The "new" standard has also introduced many successful midrange decks, such as aqua flare, Japanimator, Angelfire, and Beach House.  One deck that I think can succeed in the current standard is Blink Riders. For those of you unfamiliar with the deck, it is a deck filled with 187 creatures, or creatures with come into play effects, and, when momentary blinked (RFG then immediately put back) they regain those abilities.  This gives you access to many juicy tricksies, giving you a toolkit for almost everything you can think of and is both fast enough to deal with aggro, and has enough of a balance between control and aggro to constantly threaten control.  Before I go any further, I think a decklist might be nice for those still confused.

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