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Article for Puzzling Phenomena of Magic

by Bryton Lam

So I’m going to respond to this in terms of Worlds, Magic Online, and just because I know I will, smaller tournaments such as MSS, and whatever games I’ve played.   

First of all, I really hope Bahaumat doesn’t continue talking on this topic, because it’s very clear that he’s referring to his own personal metagame.  Why they run Return to Dust, I’ve no idea, but the fact is, they do, and they just might have a good reason for it, if I play there, perhaps one day I just might find out.

Anyhow, on to what you’ve said.

Puzzling Phenomena 1: Lack of staying power

Let’s just start off with the concept of aggro.  Aggro is a deck that is pretty much by definition is suppose to put as much pressure as possible on your opponent regardless of what they do.   It’s suppose to be kind of reckless, as long as they play smart at the same time.  Let’s refer to Worlds.  Boros Deck Wins, Martyr Tron, and the all to known Dragonstorm Combo. [Quick Side note: How combo made 1st? I’ve no idea, but you know what it did.   (Mihara should’ve gone to Vegas, he was luckier than Trump that night)].

So anyhow! Let’s analyze for what reason a deck like Boros Deck wins, would put hate in their deck.  When properly sideboarding our deck, you take two things into consideration, first of all, you ask the question “What will I be playing against?” After you do that, prepare some hate against that.  The second question you ask is, “What will ruin my deck?”  Then you prepare some answers for that. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa takes both these questions into consideration and answers them perfectly.  “What am I going to play” Probably a lot of aggro, and that stupid Dstorm Combo.  What will help me win those games, Worship and Honorable Passage.   What exactly will just ruin me?  Worship Again!  So he puts in Ronom Unicorns into his side.  He’s also expect at least a few decks to run some islands (as in just about every deck at this time) so He puts in some Cryoclasms on the side too.  Now let’s talk about the actual “opening hand” thing.  People aren’t just concerned about their opening hand, that’s the whole point of deck construction, but if they start off with an opening hand, and they don’t see any Disenchants or something, they’re not gonna say “Oh crap I don’t have a disenchant to destroy that potential Worship they could have, I’d better mulligan.”  The question they ask themselves or should be asking themselves is “How fast can I kill my opponent, before they can potentially stabilize?”  The opening hand is more important than anything is because you can’t exactly rely on drawing anything in your deck since there are 53 other cards in there, and probably only 3 or 4 of which you can expect to draw of a certain card.  

Let’s go further into detail.  Currently with our metagame, we can’t really expect specific decks to occur, besides Dstorm, and even Dstorm is 20%(tops) of the metagame only.  The biggest worry of putting hate into the main, is going to be “What if I draw this and I’m not playing against that deck?”  It becomes a dead card, and there are too many scenarios where you just can’t have dead card.  Let’s say a Paulo specifically keeps in Worship and Honorable Passage in his deck, just to defeat Dragonstorm, the most popular deck.  Okay he’s round 1 he plays against Dragonstorm, Boom, he wins, Round 2 he plays against Dragonstorm, that’s awesome, he’s got it going on.  Round 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8.  He played against, Dralnu, 2 Martyr Tron, another Boros deck, Gruul, and some Random {U}{B} evasion deck.  Oh crap, guess what, he drew 2 Honorable passages instead of the 2 Lightning Helixs he could’ve used to into the game or even that Savannah Lions.  The reason why these cards don’t exist on the main is because, it’s conditional.  I gotta say one of the more important things about magic deck construction, is to make sure your deck isn’t conditional, and that it can in fact beat the bigger picture.  Sideboards are generalized versus breaking down against specific decks, especially in this metagame.  

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