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Color Wars

by svl7786

I play a couple times a week with a group of friends, mostly over the summer because we all attend different colleges during the school year. There are about 5 or 6 of us together at a time and Magic The Gathering has always been one of our favorite things to do.

One of the problems we always seemed to run into while playing is that no one seems to initiate action, we just go around and build our creatures up until they are so powerful, when that one big combat phase does come, it takes an hour just to do the math.

Something had to be done, we needed a new way to make things more competitive and keep games moving quickly. Here is what we came up with;

Color Wars was an idea that I originally invented. The basic idea was that each one of us would be assigned to represent one of the 6 Magic the Gathering colors. Those being Blue, White, Green, Black, Red, and Articfacts. We were to stick with these colors for the rest of the summer, and the person who won the most games received a $120 pool. (Each of us chipping in $20)

Before we could start our new tournament idea, we had to decide who would represent which color. We took one card from each color and shuffled them up, then went around and chose one by one until we each had our color. I was lucky enough to pull Black, my favorite.

After we all had our colors, and everyone was happy with their selection, we went and bought 2 boxes of boosters. We opened all the packs and seperated each card by color. The multi-colored cards were seperated and included in the $120 prize at the end of the summer.

We all had an even amount, and more than enough cards to build a deck. The rules were as follows;

-A player is only allowed to use cards purchased throughout the summer by the group. That means; no adding previously owned cards, or newly purchased cards.

-A player may change his deck any time throughout the tournament, but must remain in the 60 card maximum, 40 card minimum deck limits.

-All cards are legal.

-Games are played in a best of 3 format, with a neutral party playing the role of the judge on rulings.

-There is no limit to how many games can be played, the player with the best overall record at the end of the summer wins the $120 and all the mutli-colored cards purchased by the group.

-All participants must be present in order for games to count.

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