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Magic Mistakes

by OrnithopterLover

Hello readers, OrnithopterLover here with some friendly advice in game play. I’m sure many players look at this and say “I know how to play magic!” The real question is, do you? Many newer players know the basics of playing almost any card game, but many do not know many of the more intricate procedures in the game. My goal here is to teach you an overview of how to play the game correct and to perform at your best. I will tell you of several follies, cheats and tricks used by and against newer players.

Many newer players give way to follies, which turn into bad habits, and sometimes let your opponent cheat and take advantage of you. The simplest way to avoid many of the problems is summed up in one phrase, which all of us have heard before: PAY ATTENTION!
One common mistake is to misread cards. For example- Ironclaw Orcs reads that it can’t block creatures with power 2 or greater. Many players misinterpret this as meaning it can’t BE blocked either. They attack, and their creature dies. Another example is lifelink, the modern term for Spirit Link’s ability. Many players interpret this as saying the damage dealt by AND dealt to the creature are turned into life, but if the card is read properly, it will tell that the life is only gained when the creature deals damage.

Lesson- read the rules text on cards, make sure they do what you think they do.

Another common mistake is to misread costs, or just miss them altogether. This is also the area where most players without morals try to cheat the newer player. When playing, remember to reread cards, both of your own spells and of your opponent’s. Many times, your first read will tell you that a card like Tamanoa or Firemane Angel may cost less than they should, missing the extra {W} or {3} mana symbol. Many players who are in the heat of battle, and loosing to the “new guy” try to cheat the very players they taught in this way. Many times, they are “mana-screwed,” or suffer some other mana issue. Because of this, they pretend their creatures cost less than they actually do.

Lesson- Read all spells; make sure they cost what they cost.

Forgetfulness is the last major topic in Follies. I cannot recount the number of times players forget their upkeeps and try to make up for it later, or forget changes to their creature’s power. Whenever you play seriously, make sure to take into account every card in the field during every phase. When you do make a mistake, instead of trying to make up for it by counting several turns into one, just admit your mistake and move on, and do the same for your opponent. Make common things I have seen include, but aren’t limited to, forgetting to take damage from constant spells, such as Underworld Dreams , especially after the draw step; forgetting to count power/toughness changes from cards like night of souls’ betrayal; and drawbacks to cards like Phyrexian Snowcrusher or Phyrexian Colossus. Many players try to take advantage of this, “forgetting” to do these things so that they can have the extra life or mana to play the “game-altering” card.

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