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Magic Mistakes

by OrnithopterLover

Lesson- whenever possible, read over all the cards on the field and make sure that both you and your opponent count the effects of all the cards listed this way.

    Magic solitaire is another mistake commonly made by newer players. When a player makes this mistake, they look at their side of the field, then look at their hand and find a way to do something, and do it. This sounds like how you should play, but the problem is, these kind of players pretend that the game is in a vacuum and their opponent has no response to their spells.

For example, a player has Wirewood Channeler and several elves in play. In his hand, he has pemmin’s aura , umezawa’s jitte and Fireball. Without even noticing that his opponent has 2 mana open for Counterspell, he begins to play pemmin’s aura, thereby killing his infinite combo and hurting his game. Instead, if he noticed the 2 untapped islands, he could have played umezawa’s jitte, having it take the hit for him while pemmin’s aura goes through without a problem, allowing him to Fireball his opponent for “infinite” damage.

Lesson- you aren’t playing by yourself, you have an opponent(s), pay attention to them

    Patience is a virtue, and a very good way of preventing mistakes. Many players, when frustrated, or just play such, make their turns run very fast, running through phases so fast, you sometimes forget that there ever was such a thing. This, many times, results in almost every mistake possible. You shouldn’t make a turn last for an hour, but when playing, sit back, and don’t worry how fast your opponent goes, just make sure that you take enough time to think out everything in the field. There is no shame in playing slow, only in losing a game you shouldn’t have. If necessary, make your opponent play his turns slower as well, as this is an area where many players can take advantage of you.

Again, I will use an example. Say you have Black Vise in play and your opponent is 1 turn away from killing you, but the vise will kill him before that. Instead, he begins flying through steps, ending up taking draw before upkeep, and, somehow, main phase before upkeep as well. He plays a Splinter, killing your Black Vise and ruining your deck before the vise kills him. Instead, if you make him slowly walk through his steps, you will be able to point out that he died before that Splinter even entered his hand.

Lesson- take your turn in order and take it slow enough to track everything. If necessary, make your opponent do that too.

    I must thank NCOoarashi for helping me with this article. I hope this article proved valuable to newer players.

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