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by EODLuigi

    Hello again fellow gatherers.  I have decided to write an article that without a doubt will create controversy.  The time has come for us to sit down and evaluate “the most dangerous player in the game of magic”.  Who could this possibly be you ask?  Well, it would have to be a player that has access to all the cards ever wanted, has every deck idea ever composed, and contains a wealth of knowledge about the game that expands wider than every other person playing the game today.  Are you ready for the answer?  “The most dangerous player in the game” has to be The Internet.  Now I understand that if this point you are feeling a little froggy about what I am going to present in this article but if you keep reading you may just find something interesting.  I also expect this article to create a lot of static so I am interested to hear everyone’s opinions.

    Roughly about 14 years ago some guy named Garfield created a card game that was simply meant to be something that funded one of his other gaming projects.  That game he called “Magic: The Gathering”.  No one in their right mind, of left for that matter, could have predicted what the game would have turned into all these years later.  Some of us have actually been involved in the game since its conception and continue to be involved with it today.  Back in the early days of playing many players, like myself, either did not have access to the internet, or they just could not find anything on the internet about it.  What this meant was that you had to go to your local comic shop to find cards and find out information about any new cards that may be coming out soon.  Oh how the times have changed my friends!

    Long gone are the days of doing everything from purchasing to deck constructing at the card shops.  The internet has become a sort of hub for all these things.  Society as a whole cannot function in every day life without access to the resources the internet possesses, and in my opinion neither could the card game called magic.  Our lives as we know them today revolve around the functions of the internet and the same is true for magic.  Magic has undoubtedly been the most survivable and longest standing collectible card game and one of the greatest factors contributing to that fact has been the implementation of the internet into the game.  

    Anyone could go online today and find exactly what they need to play.  There are tons of web sites that sell, buy, and trade cards.  There are tons of websites that contain forums for deck discussion as well as articles written by players themselves, such as this website.  If I can find no one to play with, I can purchase digital cards and even play against someone online if I want to.  All of these things we are able to do nowadays online have been great for the game and one of the leading factors in its continued success. 

    Ah, but what about the down side to all of this.  Some may argue that there isn’t a down side to any of these things while others will argue just the opposite.  In my opinion both parties are right and both are wrong.

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