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Player Interactivity

by Saran Ekambaram

    So then what are some things that are interactive? Well when magic first was created it was largely based on combat. The way to kill your opponent was through combat. That's the interactive part of magic. It's where all of a sudden, strategy becomes a huge part of the game for both players. Which creatures should I block with? Does my opponent have any fast effects? What if I activate this ability...The list goes on. Combat is pretty fun. If you ever pit two weenie decks against each other you'd be surprised how fun the games are.  Any cards that support the idea of combat are interactive in my opinion. Abilities like provoke, ninjitsu, or even just creature based abilities like morph. Creatures like Reveille Squad make combat very interesting as well. I'm finding when I make combat based decks I have more fun. I wind up using cards I wouldn't normally use. Making blue decks without counterspells of any kind opens up more slots for other cards in decks I make now. I may sacrifice winning 100% of the time by doing so, but I also have games that are lot more fun as long as my opponent makes decks on the same principle.
    As time went on fewer people started going to the card store. Maybe people got sick of getting beaten and not even playing a card. Maybe they just moved on. Nowadays no one goes there. A new shop opened up nearby that I go to now, and a lot of players oddly play with fun decks. This store plays 1.5 instead of T1 which makes things a bit better I suppose, but generally speaking, the majority of decks I see are interesting, involving cards that effect all players, such as Timesifter or even annoying but still interesting cards like Humility. Hopefully this idea of magic being fun stays in place at this shop as long as it can.

    In short what I am trying to get at is magic should be fun, if not in tournament play then at least in casual play. I'm tired of playing against casual decks where the opponent counters everything I play, or doesn't cast anything all game so they can get out there infinite damage combo in one turn.

    I make it a point now to only make decks based on fun ideas, or with cards and combos that effect everyone, so that people I play against actually are involved in the game.  It makes the game so much more interactive when a player allows his opponent to play cards, don't you agree?

    Hopefully this article has inspired you to make a couple of casual decks for casual play if you haven't already. I just want to stress again I'm not putting down decks designed to win. Heck go counter crazy in tourneys! I'm just saying I probably won't play against you if you play those decks in casual play, because there is no fun or interaction in it for me. (sorry if there are any grammar or spelling errors! I proofread as best as I could!)

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