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Shaking up the Metagame

by Demonauel_Sedai

Are you tired of seeing the same decks played the same way by the same people every time you play with your friends?  Do you wish there was a way to make things a little more interesting for everyone?  Well, there is!  Shake up the metagame!

    It’s turn three of one of our semi-nightly multiplayer Magic game, and I’m in control of the table.  I tap three lands, and play an Ashnod’s Altar.  I had a couple copies of Disciple of the Vault in play, so it looked like I was setting up a combo of some sort.  Needless to say, everyone else at the table was wondering what on earth I was doing.  The reason being I’m a control or aggro player when playing multiplayer games.  Besides, the only combo I’ve ever pulled off successfully was the infamous Stuffy Doll/Guilty Conscience combo.

    Later in the game, in comes a Triskelavus, which I enchant with Sadistic Glee.  I then proceed to kill everyone with my Triskelavus/Sadistic Glee/Ashnod’s Altar combo, with assistance from the Disciples.  Everyone at the table looked at me in stunned silence, unable to fathom what I just did.  Why, you may ask?  I shook our group’s metagame to the very core, that’s why.

    A little history of my playgroup, and I’ll continue on with my article...

    Each of us in our group has a distinct style of play, and everyone generally adheres to that.  Sure, we all have different decks we all like to play, but they usually stick to a main theme (like control or aggro for me).  We have our Green Thumb, as we call him (Green decks, obviously).  We have our Urza and our Mishra.  We have our Captain of the Guard (as he calls himself whilst playing Soldier decks), and we have our Sliver King.  Needless to say, we all have an idea of who’s going to be playing what when we sit down at the table.  This is why my combo deck blew everyone out of the one expected it.

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