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by Ricomyer


Ultra Competitive


Do you know anybody who passionately wants to win?  They will not play Magic or any other game unless they have studied up on the latest cards, and have a good chance at being one of the best.  It’s usually all or nothing with this type of personality.  These are usually leaders and organize Magic nights.




Mike is generous and always willing to help you make your decks better.  When I first started playing he gave me some cards to get started.  I saw a dual land that I thought would work perfect in my deck (but I had no idea it was valuable), which he gave me.




He makes excellent decks of all types and themes, but not decks that use cheesy, broken combos.  (He preaches against them).  He uses efficient, good complimentary cards, but does not typically make fancy combo decks that only win in one way.


However, if Mike hasn’t played in a while, it is hard to get him to play.  Mike likes to focus his energies on one or two things at a time, and heavily campaigns others to join him in whatever he is doing.  But if Magic isn’t one of them, you may not see him for a long while, or his closest friends.




When I gave iamSuperman some cards as an introduction to the game I had no idea the monster I created.  He bought enough cards in real life and in MTGO to…well, enough to make any wife mad.  I now ask him for rules clarifications and deck advice, of which he is happy to help.



Partially because he plays & tests decks on MTGO all the time, he makes combo decks that are quite effective.  But his decks are usually not fun to play against.  Do you know somebody that has a “kill you on turn 4” kind of deck that you hate to play against?


Well, iamSuperman doesn’t make decks that fast, but rather his stated challenge comes in searching for, or inventing effective combos, and oh yeah…winning with them.  He will do almost ANY legal thing to get his combos to fire off.  They work so well it has forced the rest of us to make our casual, fun decks more serious-victory oriented to ever have a chance on winning.  This has made others grumpy, and some have chosen not to play at times because of it.


This points out a philosophical dilemma…how “good” does a deck have to be before it is no fun to play against?  Can that be quantified?  iamSuperman now only plays other people’s decks.  But NOT playing his decks is like declaring victory in itself, and is still humiliating.




This is Wizard’s term for a tournament player.  We don’t have any pure Spike players in our group.  They would be those that are only concerned about the victory.  They will copy Championship decks or the most effective decks they can find.  The decks they use could be very boring to others, but if they get the victory, they’ve achieved their goal.  Many are robotic and very business like as they kill you in tournaments.  That smile you think you saw on their face?  Probably indigestion.  Either that or they just nailed you for 10 points of damage.


Theoretically, if this type of player were playing Magic with his girlfriend, and was going to ask her to marry him the next day, this person would make his fiancée take mana burn because she accidentally tapped too much mana to perform a spell.  “It’s just the rules, honey!  Honey?  Why are you upset sugar-pumpkin?  What…Magic is a fun game right dear?  No I don’t want to watch TV now, you still have 1 point of life left!”


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