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Ownership Clan's Play Personalities

by Ricomyer


Spirit of Law, Letter of Law


Does your group play to the letter of the Wizards rules or do you have “house rules”?  Mike never saw a game he didn’t think could be more fun or more fair by tweaking its rules.  Thus he always follows the “Spirit of the Law.”  iamSuperman and Mark D. are “Rule Mongers” and enforce the “Letter of the Law.”  iamSuperman and Mark D. make decks that take advantage of the most effective killer combos in the game (those “broken” combos).  Thus, Mike, iamSuperman and Mark D. have gotten into some heated verbal disagreements.  Mike wants to fix the broken combos, and iamSuperman and Mark want to use and abuse them.  Not pretty sometimes.  The peacemakers in our group try to intervene, but are usually not successful.





Tim doesn’t own a lot of material possessions, but somehow he is able to beg, borrow, or trade for Magic cards and make good decks.  He makes good quick decks and usually tries to make nice in games, even not killing somebody when he has the obvious chance to.



Social Players


Craig and Art do not own cards of their own.  They like Magic, and aren’t bad players at all, but really only play to hang out with the guys.  They mainly attend for social reasons, and for the pizza.



Flirt to Convert


John is the only person I know that has dated a female who actually likes Magic, or has come to like it.  And he’s not just done it once, but twice!  He has single handedly dated both female Magic players in California!  (Ok that’s an unfair, sexist exaggeration…but kind of true).  All the other wives/girlfriends in our group openly mock us.  “At least we’re not getting drunk, going to strip clubs and losing our money at poker!” we say.  They have to at least concede THAT point.



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