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by Ricomyer

Variety Man


Do you make decks with > 60 cards?  I admit I do, and have been mocked many times in deck comments because of it.  Players who are less concerned about winning, or who have a big collection they want to use, or who bore easily, or who just have a hard time making decisions in real life, all fall into this category.  I am a bit indecisive in removing cards, and when I invent a deck I usually plan multiple ways of possible victory.  This means my decks will play differently every time, at the sacrifice of effectiveness.  But when combo #5 in my deck works, I’ll talk for days about my glorious victory!  That is until my wife tells me to stop repeating that confusing story {whimper again}.





I love the creative side of Magic.  I’ve made dozens of fake Magic cards, some of which you see here.  Let me also make a shameless plug for our new Magic Downloads section of the website.  If you’d like to make cards like this yourself, we have posted the Mock Card Kit there for your fake card creating pleasure!  We also have an entire forum dedicated to made-up cards.  Try them out!


I love to make decks nobody has made before.  It’s silly I know, but I avoid searching on eM for decks so I can say I came up with original ideas.


Many of the personality types above can also be Inventors.  Some like to creatively make competitive decks, while I lean towards making fun decks.  My Hot Chick Deck sure doesn’t win often, but it’s fun to show off.  Ryan has a cool Bird deck, and Brian has a nice “Dumbo” deck.  There are thousands of other fun, themed decks on eM which are not going to win any tournaments, but are a blast to create and play.



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