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Ownership Clan's Play Personalities

by Ricomyer


Group Events


We don’t always do the same thing on our game nights.  We sometimes play Emperor, FFA attack your neighbor, 1x1 or 2x2 tournaments, or FFA most-kills-wins.  Around Halloween we all make black decks and have a tournament.  Once we played with all made-up cards (using proxies).


iamSuperman has become adept at quickly making decks on MTGO and he recently made each of us (about 12) a deck which fit our play personality.  We all played them together and it was a blast to see our personalities become mirrored in new decks.  You can see them if you go to iamSuperman's profile and view his decks.  Next we are going to play with made-up Vanguard cards similar to the cards you see here of each player.  It’s good to mix it up once in a while.





Well I hope you got a better idea of what we owners and our group of friends are like.  Different personality types have different motivations for why and how they play.  Remember if your friends are motivated by different things than you, that’s just they way they are and it’s OK.  Just try to understand them and have fun playing.


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