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Mean Players

by Jon Wright

    Ive never wrote an article for anything, much less wrote one that I would hope people all over the world read, so ill try now.
    I recently went to a FNM event with one of my friends. We were simply there to observe and possibly learn new play styles with lorwyn cards. I like learning new ways to play; it’s why I start many things in my life. We walked in, bought a couple packs, and just started roaming. Now, I have only been playing for maybe 5 years but I like to think I know, relatively well, how to play the game. So anyway, I walk up to a table where a game has just ended and I am wondering what kinds of deck the two players are playing with. One of them just grunts at me and walked away while the other proceeds to explain that the game is called Magic the Gathering in a really slow manner.

     Is it just me, or are player getting ruder. Im a nice guy and don’t like to upset people, but when I ask a serious question in a magic environment and someone slaps (metaphorically) me like I did something wrong, I just didn’t feel good. I did a little chuckle and told him that I do indeed play magic and that I meant what kind of deck he was playing with. He then proceeded to make a scene about how I was causing a problem. I left quite confused and angry, but without causing a problem what so ever.

    I’ve been noticing the same kind of attitudes at tournaments. The silence playing, evil eye all game and the occasional swear. I haven’t gone to many because of it, and this most recent meeting of a new player doesn’t help the matter. Don’t get my wrong; there are plenty of nice people to play a match with. But there is and equal, if not more, number of people who seem like they are being forced to play rather than having fun.

    This isn’t going to stop me from playing in future sets, (“cough” Morningtide) but I will hope that I will be able to play someone who does not look like they hate my guts. This is just my opinion and I hope no one takes offense, but for players who think they sound like the person I described above, take this advice. It’s a game, have some fun with others who don’t bully you because you play it. Have some fun with people who like the same game as you.

This was my first article and I hope someone learned a little from it.

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