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For Those Passive Players

by Pathtoyorsoul

Many individuals may ask the question, “How can a player defeat and opponent that already knows his or her strategy?” This is a problem that almost all players have faced at one time or another. How do you defeat an opponent that knows what you are going to do before you do it? This puts many Magic fanatics into a passive train of thought. They foresee themselves losing before the game has even started because they feel that their opponent is vastly superior and knows their every move. There is one easy way to overcome this overwhelming state of mind and it is simply called deception.

    To begin with, a player’s deck should not consist of just one strategy, but multiply strategies to overthrow and undermine all types of decks that they will face. Why should a deck be simply one strategy? If your opponent is a veteran of the game or simply a very observant individual, they may very well see what you are planning and have a perfect counter to your well though out plan. The trick to defeating them is showing an exceedingly simple strategy for your deck. The opponent will almost always take the bait. They read what you are doing and believe that you are a weak opponent; this is where your second strategy comes in. As they are busy trying to humiliate you, your other strategy kicks in and sneaks up ready to strike.

    Furthermore, another thing that many players need to work on is timing. As a player you need to be very in-tune with your deck and know its capabilities. If you are the one that built it, then you know what should be coming up. A critical error that players make is not looking before they leap. Take time and observe what you can do on the field and your opponent’s capabilities at the time. Try and figure out what they are planning to do next and wait until the opportune time to unleash the fury that you bestowed in your deck. Timing is far too critical to simply ignore; this is probably one-third of the game.

    In conclusion, it is ultimately up to the player to know what to do with their deck and when to do it. The easiest way to learn the game and get better is to go out and play it. But never allow yourselves to be put into the passive mindset. If you lose, just brush yourself off and start another game. All players lose at some point and you cannot win every game, losing is the true key to victory; it shows what not to do the next time you play. Be sure that you read your opponent, carefully calculate the timing of a play, and have a back-up plan. If your opponent stops your first plan in its tracks and you keep trying the same play, they will read it every time and you will lose. Have a backup or secondary plan, learn your deck and when it is opportune to strike, and most of all:  Forget about winning, the professional grade skills come in time, just have fun and play to the best of your abilities. This is the true meaning of the game Magic, meet new people and have fun!

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