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Living in the shadows of money rares

by drstrangefart

    I've found in the last couple of years that it's easy to lose sight of great rares that can easily own a table just because higher dollar cards are being dropped. A lot of the time, no one even mentions them as they become totally forgotten. As I have a very tight budget for buying cards, I always look out for those little gems to fill in otherwise weak spots. I'm going to cover what and why of a few of them.

    Mortivore is first on this list, because I'm abusing it right now. Everyone has blown past the poor guy because of Korlash. Indeed, I have 7 copies of Korlash, but in my deck with Korlash, I have a couple of Mortivores because they're often bigger than Korlash, and regenerate much cheaper. True, there's no Grandeur, but Mortivore rewards you for doing what black does best. Kill indiscriminately.

    Dismal Failure is only good to use right now in type2 simply because EVERY Counterspell is a bit overcosted. But the ability to hit your opponent with a hard counter, and ping a card out of the hand is very effective. It washes out when everyone thinks of Cryptic Command, which is indeed better. It's also 10 or 11 bucks harder to get.

    Warren Weirding is absolutely great barring one circumstance. If you're not facing a Goblin deck, you can effectively pack 8 Cruel Edicts in one deck. That is a fairly absolute table full of control. I've been laughed at for it until I actually played it in a heavily loaded black control deck, and it did exactly what I planned for it.

    Sheltering Ancient never got it's day in the sun. He goes into a $15 deck that I found is absolutely dominant. The solution is to put it in a deck full of things like Temporal Isolation, Utopia Vow, and the like. True, they get tons of +1/+1 counters, but they can't use them, and you have an EARLY 5/5 Trampler to put a hurt down. Calciderm, and Sunscour rounded that deck out perfectly. It's only losses were to top tier counterspell decks.

    Plague Sliver is a personal favorite of mine. It got tons of attention when Time Spiral was released, then just vanished from the collective radar. You can not argue with the value of a 5/5 for 4 mana. It fell by the wayside in the shadow of  Korlash.

    Grapeshot is common, and can save you around $50 if you want a deck similar to Dargonstorm without all of the pain that goes into buying the cards. The deck I had it in was rare-free to prove a point. It worked well. I'd drop temporary mana boosters like Rite of Flame and Desperate Ritual, a couple of Shocks, and the Grapeshot for around a total of 18 or 19 damage. Gelectrode put it over the top.

    In conclusion, I kept it type2 because it's the most accessible format for new players, who will benefit the most from these cards. True underrated gems like that are as rare as the power rares, but way easier to trade into, and you're more likely to pull them from your packs. I had to start somewhere at getting better, and that was where I went. Looking for “junk” rares and trying to break them open.

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