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The Six Word Fundamental of Magic

by Kevin Weber

If I had to combine and merge everything I know about Magic into one statement, one fundamental truth to the game, it'd be a simple six word phrase.  And once you understand that phrase, all sorts of doors are opened up to improving your game:

Magic is Chess and Poker combined.

Quite a simple six word phrase.  In fact, I started out using it simply to describe Magic to people who had never seen it before; it wasn't some sort of deep understanding on my part, but just a quick analogy.  But as time went on, I grew to appreciate just how true and profound of a statement it is - and now, I'd describe it as the one fundamental truth of Magic.

A lot of books and articles have been written about Poker - the strategies, tactics, and fundamentals - and even more have been written about Chess (actually, Chess has the distinction of being the most written-about subject in the whole of history.)  Magic, however, has comparatively little literature written about it - a collection of online articles, mostly.  The idea that you can improve your Magic game by tapping into the immense collection of wisdom about Poker and Chess is quite a powerful one.

Obviously, if whole books have been written about both Poker and Chess, I'm hardly going to be able to relay every nuance and tidbit about both games in a single online article, but below I'm going to cover four important pointers to both Chess and Poker - and how to apply the knowledge to Magic.

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