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Playing in Tournaments

by Mop Head

Looking to start playing in tournaments? Well, there is obviously a difference than playing with your friends. You are playing for a prize, and you have to handle yourself in a matter that a professional player would.

The prize: Your ultimate goal is to claim victory over all of your opponents. Everyone is there to win, it is your job to stay confident and play your best. Remember that you have a great chance to win, even if it is your first tournament.

Winning: This is obviously your goal in the tournament. However, you shouldn’t get cocky. Nothing helps you lose games 2 and 3 like being to cocky about winning game one. Remember that game can go either way. Favorable matchups can be lost, and it is your job to prevent that. Also, you don’t want to be that cocky guy that everyone hates. Of course once you start becoming a regular in the tournament scene, jeering and bragging become more common, but don’t let that stuff get to your head.

Losing: Losing is not fun. I’m sure you know this. Make sure you can take losing in stride. No one likes losing, and no one likes the loser who is bitter. If you are offered a hand shake, take it. It is insanely annoying when someone declines a handshake, and it can help to alienate you from the tournaments players. Everyone has bad beats, and every will squeak out some games they should have lost. I find saying something like “I’ll get you next time,” or “Oh well I’ll just have to win next round,” allows you to express your distress in an offense free way.

Game Play: During the course of the game, your opponent may get a lucky draw, win a counter war, etc. These are the situations where people tend to lose focus and get angry. Just because you are at a disadvantage at some points of the game, it doesn’t mean you lose then and their. I’ve personally seen people concede games that could’ve been won. Look through your lines of play, sometimes you can see a small hole you can use to rise to victory.

Your Opponent:  For this section we will look at the different types of opponents, and how to deal with them.

The Angry opponent: Let them fume and don’t be offended. They will probably lose due to anger clouding the situations in the game.

The Whiny Opponent: Again let them whine and don’t be offended if they say anything to put you down.  They are trying to make you the angry opponent.

The Cocky Opponent: He will joke, and pretty much say that he will destroy you. Take it in stride, because it is your job to prove him wrong.

The Laid Back Opponent: This is an easy matchup, but watch out because they can turn into another type of opponent pretty quickly.

The Decks to Play: There are always certain decks to play. First off, there is the king deck(s). These are the decks that are kings of the format, and are always a good choice. King decks are considered to be tier one. Next, are hate or meta game decks, which are decks designed to defeat the king decks. They are often considered tier 1.5. Finally, there are rouge and pet decks. Rogue decks are decks that are usually hate decks that the meta game is not prepared for. They are usually developed between very few people. Pet decks are decks that a player has a natural affinity for. The deck may have fallen out of fashion or something of the sort. Rouge and pet decks are generally tier 1.5-2. It is important to understand the decks that are being played or have potential to be played.

Well, now you know a little about tournament play. Of course reading this is no substitute for the real thing so I hope you get out there and start playing. See you from across the table!

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