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Budget Building: Episode 8 - Naya Lark

by Kevin Weber

Reveillark is a deck that's faded out a bit, and is no longer really a Tier 1 deck.  A lot of that has to do with some of the really good Time Spiral block cards it lost - such as Venser.

Still, it's a tourney powerhouse, and unfortunately includes several expensive rares.  Aside from Lark itself, it packs Wrath of God, Sower of Temptation, Fulminator Mage, Doran, a number of Shadowmoor/Eventide filterlands, and of course, Cryptic Command + Reflecting Pool.  So it's not exactly budget friendly; building a straight tourney list will probably run you about $500.

Now, the basis for most Reveillark decks start out with "What are some good CIP-effect creatures?"  I don't want to start there; I want to go back and begin from scratch.  What are some good 2/X creatures that are good with Lark (whether or not they have CIP effects) - especially ones that are powerful but don't have tourney-deck homes?  Or for that matter, what are some off-the-wall ones?

Gaddock Teeg.  Gaddock is an amazing card, but the Green + White cost really messes him over.  There are better colors for white to splash, and there are better cards for green to splash.  And if you're a 5-color deck, you typically don't *want* him on the table.  He's a card that basically gets fitted in every so often, but doesn't have a solid home.

Heartmender.  Personally, I think this guy is underrated.  Put it this way: how do the current Tier 1 decks answer him?  Most can't very easily and are basically forced to ignore him.  Against control, he's a threat that almost always requires two removal spells to handle; against aggro, it's an indestructable 2/2 blocker.

Murderous Redcap.  Redcaps are great as it is, and the ability to recur them for another pair of go-arounds is excellent.  I'm surprised he's not in more Lark builds, especially since he's a good weapon to deal with the Planeswalkers floating around.

Glen Elendra Archmage.  This critter is amazing against control decks.  It effectively forces a 2-for-1, and when recursion is thrown in, it can get absurd.

Mulldrifter.  The classic Lark card.  It'd be a shame not to mention it.

Sapling of Colfenor.  Not exactly what people think of when they think of 2/X critters, but this guy is retrievable by Lark, is a Card Advantage engine on his own, and is another hard to deal with creature.

Siege-Gang Commander.  5 power for 5 mana, but more importantly, a large dallop of board control or burn in a single card.

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