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The Arch

by Audun Ween

Have you ever taken your whole card collection, seated yourself and looked through the whole bunch? (If that is the case) My experience with this is very positive, in fact this process is extremely important to me. Why? Well, simply because I have no real system in which my cards are sorted. Every single time I sit down to create a deck, I have to search through the whole card collection to find a single card, which I in several cases don’t find at all.
This was the case a couple of days ago too. I was sitting in my room, trying to find that one card for my Elf Deck, when I suddenly came over a rather interesting card. I’ll give you a few hints:

The card is from the Apocalypse set.
The card is an artifact.
And I do not doubt that Sharkan Vol has one of them in his closet.

If you are a elephant that never forgets, or simply a Magic fanatic somewhat like myself then you may have already guessed, Dragon Arch. Yes, Dragon Arch.
Let’s take a look at Dragon Arch.

Dragon Arch
Cost: 5
2, T: Put a multicolored creature card from your hand into play.

Well that IS pretty neat isn’t it? Of course, for all I know people may have thought of this way before me, but I have never heard of it. This made me into thinking, well a five drop like this in an artifact deck would be cool, with cards like Etherium Sculptor to make the mana cost less painful. However, what caught my attention even more was the astonishing abilities this card brings with it. You can now play mono colored decks and have real fun with crazy five colored giants.

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