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B.R.E.A.D, The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

by Greg Costa

“Is B.R.E.A.D they best way to go for drafting? Let’s figure it out”

    Prior to the M10 prerelease I had never been to a DCI sanctioned tournament, heck, I’d never even been to any tournament! So of course I was nervous, I have been playing magic casually for a couple of years now and I know how to play…but I lacked the strategic knowledge of drafting.

    Like any good student, I did my research; I came up with an interesting find, a particular strategy called BREAD. For those who do not know what bread is, I’ll try to explain using examples from M10. BREAD is an acronym standing for:

Most Important

B- Bombs: Anything that can possibly have a major affect on the game, good examples are the Planeswalkers, Master of the Wild Hunt, Bogardan Hellkite, etc

R- Removal: Anything that effectively gets rid of creatures, Doom Blade, Unsummon, Essence Scatter, Rod of Ruin, etc

E- Efficient spells, or Evasion: Creatures with evasive abilities (flying, unblockable, etc) or spells like Giant Growth, Righteousness, Might of Oaks.

A- Aggro: Aggressive creatures, quick and mana friendly, Centaur Courser, Warpath Ghoul, Mold Adder, Elite Vanguard, Silvercoat Lion

D- Dregs: The rest, cards that don’t usually get picked, they get handed over

Least Important

    As with anything involving Magic, having a strategy is always good, but I’ve found that while using BREAD, I get stuck and can’t decide how/what to pick for my draft…so I developed my own strategy for drafting, which (so far) has given me great success.

    First off I try to go into a draft knowing the cards within the set, I’m not saying memorize each and every individual card, just have a basic understanding of the way each color flows, an example would be picking Stormfront Pegasus over Kelinor Bats, they’re both 2/1 fliers but one is a turn 2 play, the other a 3rd turn.

    Be conscientious of mana curve, although being able to drop fatties like Craw Wurm is nice, having to wait until turn 3 or 4 to drop your first creature isn’t. Turn 1 drops are always a plus.

    Try grabbing the Bombs as well, they’re always helpful ftw. I owe a whole draft win to Master of the Wild Hunt.
One of the most overlooked concepts in draft is deck thinning, which I view as extremely important; decreasing the size of your library gives you a better chance to pull out the necessary components to win. Terramorphic Expanse is a prime example, it effectively takes 2 lands out of your deck, decreasing the chance you’ll draw lands late game, when you already have enough in play. Anything that lets you draw or search your library is useful.

    Removal is essential to any draft, being able to get rid of their big baddies is always a plus, watching the look on your opponents eyes when you Essence Scatter their Platinum Angel is always fun, and when in a lock down having Prodigal Pyromancer to ping their 1 defense creatures or even to drop them 1 point, is great.

        I always go for Roaches( cards that are hard to get rid of) such as Drudge Skeletons, Mist Leopard, Kalonian Behemoth, Cudgel Troll, Wall of Bone. If you can have a creature that stays on the board and can effectively rid the board of your opponent’s pests, you’re golden.

    Know what your opponents are picking, try to get a feel for the cards being passed to you, if you keep getting passed a bunch of red cards, maybe consider playing red. You never want to get card locked.

Hate drafting, if used correctly can be extremely helpful, as long as you don’t hate draft too many things. I was playing B/G and hate drafted an Earthquake and a Prodigal Pyromancer. But don’t take the hate drafting too far or you may screw yourself.

This strategy has worked for me and hopefully it will work for you as well, I admit…I am a noob, but I’m a proud noob who is trying to become un nooblike. Feel free to bash my article, as this is my first one, if it’s successful I may try writing some more. Thanks for reading, hope I helped someone…anyone?

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