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The Money of Magic

by Golden Eagle


            Magic the Gathering is a great game played by millions of people worldwide, leading to support the fact that this game is in fact a big business. Thousands of booster packs are opened each Friday, and dare I say that there are days that a million cards are traded? Well, what if you could make money whenever you traded cards? This would certainly lead to a decent form of income and quite a large increase in the stock of your collection, and therefore, its overall value.


            Magic the Gathering is an interesting game, in that most of the cards, barring promotional series and “one of a kind” prizes for large tournaments, are or were available in booster packs at some time. So theoretically, anyone could attain these valuable cards. We’re not talking chump change here, though. There are cards worth hundreds of dollars, and a PSA 10 graded Black-Bordered Beta Black Lotus printed in 1993 sold recently for $10,000 on a popular online dealer’s website.


            The swapping, trading, and dealing of the Magic the Gathering card game is typically done through 2 mediums. The most obvious method of switching cards is in person. This is relatively easy and requires very little preparation (or so the people think. We’ll change that soon enough). Most casual players trade this way, and if you ever attend a larger tournament, this is most likely what you’ll be doing. The least common to the Magic community, but steadily growing, is the phenomena of trading online. In this way, players can trade with others from around the world without leaving their own hometown. This allows a person to get cards that are not available in their region for some reason or another, and get cards that are less valuable in certain regions into areas where they are more valuable.


            For example, the average price for a mint condition English Legends Mana Drain is about $120. However, a Mana Drain can sell for around $100 in the southern part of New Jersey. Interestingly enough, in the Connecticut-New England region, where most of the very large Vintage tournaments are held, mint condition Mana Drains can fetch around $150. That’s a 50% mark up from the New Jersey price. Consequently, a person in Connecticut is more likely to buy Mana Drain at a higher price, because to him, they are in fact worth more. The player, trader, or collector who trades online will have more access to different cards and people, which only helps them in making money while trading.


          In order to maximize the effects of “The Money of Magic”, there are few things that you, the reader and eventual Magic Mogul, are required to know and be able to utilize effectively. In the following pages, various tactics to ensure that you profit and benefit from trading are discussed, often times with great examples and even “What do you do?” sections where you get to check your strategies to see how well you are understanding the tactics taught in the lessons.





         The trading techniques discussed in this article are created and used to benefit one of the traders in the trading process. Though not all people may agree with such practices, these are a real-world occurrence in the trading world. I do not support the action of taking advantage of more inexperienced players, rather using these techniques to ensure that trading activities that would normally be fruitless will at least provide some yield.




         Although the perspective of this article is to detail how to provide a source of financial income, the same trading procedures can be used to simply help you get more cards to win your next Friday Night Magic at your local card store.



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