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Girl power

by Willow Deadsun Leahy

    I am not a new player by far, I have been playing since I was about ten; I learned from my uncle. I started playing at school, and no matter who I played with I found four things in common.  First, most, if not all, those I played with at school and even at FNM where male.  Second, most, not all, thought they were better than me based on gender. Third they had big heads when playing with me and most, once again not all, were poor sports. Lastly some went too easy on us just because we where girls.

    I am not sure how many of you girls have come upon the same problem; I know it not common for a girl to play. When I first started to play the big FNM at the mall I saw one other girl named Ally. She was a great player who one week just stopped showing up. Both of us had been getting badgered pretty hard, and she was just done with it.

    I had been playing for about seven months before Ally came, so I was the only girl for a while. In one of the many match ups I was with a boy named Boy1. He ran a burn deck I had a white weenie deck with blue control. The first few words out of his mouth where "I hope I don't beat you down to badly," but I was willing to let it go. Half way thought the game he had been saying other things like how I should be with the other girls in the mall getting my nails done. I was simply kicking him left and right. His deck had no creatures and I have enough control that all of my threats stayed. At the end of the game I had 150+ life both rounds. I went to shake his hand he glared at me and said "just a girls luck," A child had more grace then he did at that moment.

    I think Boy2 was the worst of all. If I made a simple mistake he would call me dumb or sometimes ”tard”. Some of these mistakes I could understand and learn from, but then I saw him play with someone else who made the same mistake. He let it slip without a word. I wanted to scream and yell at him. Why did he call me all those names making me feel like nothing? Was it because I was a girl?

    Some of the others would not even try to put in a fight. I know they where only trying to be nice but it ended up angering me. James was a good guy too kind for his own good. He would hold back his biggest threats so I could win.  After each time I played him I felt like a teen being told to sit at the children's table. Nothing was learned.

    In about six mouths I ended up going out with only three men. I don't get out a lot; work and school take up much of my life. So the only people who I really knew where those I meet at magic. Yes I went out with three men. After I left the one swearing off dating for a while, I found all the boys where talking behind my back calling me a slut. Boy1 and Boy2 told me right to my face.

    It was the very next week I was ready to quite when Ally came, and we instantly became friends. None of the boys liked it. Right off the bat Boy1 told everyone that she was just as much a slut as me. I know this hurt Ally but she was fierce, taking nothing less than third every time.

    What I think broke her was, Boy3, a boy she really liked told her that she was a whore and he did not want STD. That week I told them they were acting like high school girls not like men. Ally to this day had not even picked up her deck.

    I wanted to write this to tell the few girls who do play; don't let the boys intimated you. You can be just as good as they can. When pushed don't give up the game. When I went to talk to Ally she told me that it was just a game and not worth what the boys where putting us though.  So like I said don't give up the game.

    Boys; I am not asking you to go easy, hell I don't want you to. What I am asking though is that you treat us with respect. Where are in no why more or less then you. We girls do not need to be badgered nor do we need to be cooed. So please treat us with respect and dignity that you would show anyone else.

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