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The Art of Casual Monoblack Beatdown-Control

by Scott

Monoblack Control/Beatdown: The rules are simple.
1. You(opponents) don't get creatures.
2. I get creatures.
3. I get your creatures and artifacts too.

Lets face it folks, monoblack RULES. There are few things more satisfiying in magic then laying down a Corrupt for 14, or getting a Demigod of Revenge into play when you've got three more of the 5/4 Flying, Hasted Avatars in your graveyard. Its one of those things with black that makes people you're playing agianst look at you and your cards in absolute horror.

But enough of the Horror stories, lets take alook at when makes monoblack so fun in casual play: Its absolute disregard for all creatures and life - even its own.

So, without further digression heres the current Monoblack deck I like to run in casual play, its not fancy or pretty, and I warn you - its absolute death.

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