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The Art of Casual Monoblack Beatdown-Control

by Scott

The following deck is a modified version of my friends monoblack deck, I played it, found that I loved it and created a similar deck, but used a few differnt cards to personalize it to my own tastes.

Starting off, you've got the creatures. Defence, Offence and Politics rolled into a group of creatures so nasty it forces your opponents to look you straight in the eye and exile your little beatsticks right out of the game for fear of the massive shenanigens and smackage that would otherwise result from you keeping your pets (give them a treat everyonce in a while, makes them all more willing to die a glorious death under your control.)

Creatures (17):
1x Kalitas, Bloodshief of Ghent
1x Ob Nixilis, the Fallen
2x Nezumi Graverober
2x Gatekeeper of Malakir
4x Demigod of Revenge
3x Nightmare
4x Solemn Simulacrum

Lets start off first with the oddballs of the group, Nezumi Graverobber and Solemn Simulracrum.
Nezumi Graverobber essentialy reads: Destroy target opponents graveyard, flip Nezumi over to Rule #3.
Nezumi Graverobber is a 2/1 monoblack drop for {1}{B}. His first activated ability costs the same {1}{B} and you can even keep him unflipped to abuse the heck out of it (a more expensive version of Withered Wretch. However, once you manage to flip the little rat beatstick (can be easily done, more often then not by the end step before your turn, or on your turn after he comes into play. The little rat turns into either a 4/2 beatstick or a graveyard robbing machine of instant speed. And when I say beatstick, I mean BEATSTICK. A 4/2 can be on your field sometimes on turn 3, if played turn 2 and fliped on your 3rd turn. And now that you've flipped him, its time to bring in the creature hate from the rest of your deck, but we'll get to that latter ;).

The next oddball is Solemn Simulacrum and oh boy, is he BROKEN. Lets do the math: A 2/2 Artifact creature for 4? Ok sucks. Toss in a land fetch (Aheam? WHAT?) followed by the psychological terror of getting a free card whenever he dies (no one wants to block? Dangit!) And you've got something so broken you just have to wonder what WOTC was thinking when they printed it.
Math: 2/2 = 2-3. Land fetch =2-3. Card draw = 1-2. So in reality (which of not MTG) this badboy should cost 5-7. But he doesnt, he costs 4. And can chump block or attack like no one else. Psychologicaly, no one but you want to see this 2/2 die.

To finish off the oddballs, I have used only these two creatures on multiple occasions to kill opponents before turn 8.

Next, we have the beatsticks, Demigod of Revenge and Nightmare.
Demigod of Revenge is just a massive, flying, super-fast beatstick that propagates itself if you have more of them in the graveyard. He's immune to global destroy effects since all you need to do is play another one, and BANG someone either took a ton of damage, or just died. At 5/4 for 5-hybrid red/black hes got Flying and Haste on his side. And he makes a nice blocker, since you can just play another one (as said before) to bring him back. Nothing feels better then holding off a certian 20/20 flying indistructible token better then these guys coming back, and back, and back (and back and back ... and you get the point.)

Our other beatstick is the "can-be-massive" Nightmare. This flaming horse from hell just screams "LET ME AT'EM!" in an insane psychopathic way. As soon as you play him he's most likely going to be a threat, and he keeps going and going and going, the more swamps you have, the bigger he gets, 6/6, 9/9 and then "HOLY *bleep here*" he's a giant 16/16 flying monoblack terror machine.  Anyone care to block a Darksteel Collosus? "I DO" screams the Nightmare.

After our beatsticks we get into our two Legends, and our little Cruel Edict on a creature from Zendikar, Kalitas, Ob and our favorite little Gatekeeper.

Kalitas, Bloodshief of Ghent is a 5/5 for {5}{B}{B} with a special ability; he destroys creatures, and then gives you vampire tokens. Perfect for blowing up your own Solemn Simulacrum at the end of turn, or that nice big fattie sitting in your opponents field (Thorn Elemental). While he has to tap and you have to pay {B}{B}{B} the math is perfect for the killing machine. You get to blow up any non-shroud, non-protection from black, non-indistructible creature and get a nice little chump vampire from it. I can see why they made this guy a Mythic rare. ;)

After Kalitas, you get Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, and let me start off with this guy by saying "THANK YOU WIZARDS." This 3/3 for {3}{B}{B} has Landfall - Target opponent looses 3 life and Ob gets 3x +1/+1 counters. If you play him with 5 lands, and then play your land for the turn, hes a 6/6, your opponent just lost 3 life, and you only spent 5 total for NO DRAWBACKS. Oh, and keep playing lands. He can pottentialy block ANYTHING that he can touch. (2 landfalls = a 9/9, 3 = 12/12, 4 = 16/16, ect... HUGE.)

Now, to our third Zendikar creature, Gatekeeper of Malakir. This guy does everything you want him to do. {B}{B} for a 2/2 and a easy kicker of {B} to force your favorite target to sacrifice a creature. No Storm Crow (1) for you! And once his job of "Evicting" a creature is done you still have a nice 2/2 chumper! And he just looks cool :P

Of course, you can always toss the Gatekeeper of Malakir for another Kalitas, Bloodshief of Ghent and Ob Nixilis, the Fallen if you want to realy look cool (and disgustigly evil ^_^ :P ).

Quick creature trivia!
Do the above creatures fufill all of the 3 rules? Lets check!
1. Check, check and check!
2. Mine! - Check!
3. I think so! (Thank you Nezumi Graverobber!

On to the Instants and Sorceries that make people whimper and cringe!

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