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by Jonathan Hayes

As one may, or may not, be able to tell, I am a practicing Christian (specifically Catholic).  I also love playing Magic: The Gathering and have enjoyed it since my youth.  It is truly an amazing game and I am glad that my friends introduced me to it.
What has compelled me to write an article about my faith and my enjoyment of Magic: the Gathering is that lately I have been seeing the two connected in certain ways: some in ways that help me to grow more spiritually and others that speak ill of true Christianity.  I wish to discuss these connections in hope that others will be able to better understand those, like myself, who relate their Christian faith to everything that they do.  This is also, secondarily, for Christian Magic players who have not thought about this before or have encountered what I have encountered in some fashion.  Hopefully these words can help clear up any misconceptions/questions one might have concerning what I will be talking about.  
The sections of this article will proceed as follows:
1.    What Christians think about Magic: the Gathering
a.    those who are completely against it
b.    those who are for it
c.    which one is in the right?
2.    What the negatives of playing Magic: the Gathering are in relation to Christian living
3.    What the positives of playing Magic: the Gathering are in relation to Christian living
4.    Conclusion

I hope everybody enjoys this and, at the very least, gets something out of it.

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