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MTG Format: Secret Alliances

by aznepyon7

Secret Alliances is a casual multiplayer format that I sometimes play with friends. It’s a great change from competitive MTG environment that I usually play. I've always had a blast playing it and I hope that you guys will enjoy it as well.

I did not come up with this format and take no credit for the creation of this format.


To begin, you will need 6 people. The 6 people will be divided into three groups of two people.  If you add people, it must be by increments of 2.

The object of the game is for you and your teammate to win a game of MTG by beating all other teams. However the twist to this is that you may not know who your teammate is! What I mean by this is that in every one of the three groups, there will be one person who knows who he or she is allied with, and one who doesn't. More to this later.

Assigning People to Teams

So how are teams assigned? Teams are assigned by each player choosing one of six different cards arranged prior to the start of the game. The six cards will be comprised of 3 face-up MTG basic land cards and 3 face-down mono-colored MTG cards.

Every face-down card is a different color from one another. The color of an individual face-down card must correspond to a color of mana produced by any one of the three basic lands.


Face-up cards:

Mountain (1)
Forest (1)
Island (1)

Face-down cards:

Lightning Bolt
Giant Growth
Ancestral Recall

Each one of the six players chooses one of the cards. A player who chooses a face-down card may look at his/her card but must not reveal it to anyone else. Once all the cards are chosen, all cards must be placed on the table in front of the player who chose the card. None of the cards chosen are part of the game (the player who chose the Forest (1) doesn't begin with a Forest in play). Face-down cards must be on the table face-down.

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