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My experience as a gamer's girlfriend

by Teshii

Hi, my name is Teshi! I’ve only been playing Magic for 8 months now. And yes, I started playing it because my boyfriend decided to teach me. At first, obviously, it was a rough start. Since I wasn’t interested in the game, I didn’t really pay much attention when he explained things. So every time we tried to simulate a game and I made a mistake, like to not untapping my lands in my untap phase when he had already told me to do it 7 times, we ended up either fighting or me ignoring him the rest of the evening… so yeah, very rough start indeed.

The first deck I used was an artifact affinity deck. At the moment, I really didn’t get it, I though of it as a waste of time. I honestly did not understand why if an artifact costs 3, I didn’t have to pay the mana cost just because I had 3 other artifacts down. I also didn’t understand why an artifact that flies, has 2 of defense and has no mana cost was (Ornithopter) considered like the coolest artifact ever (obviously, now I do!), The whole thing was confusing… the things we women do for love, huh?

After 3 moths of intensive training (and I don’t have many good memories of them, I might add), when he decided I was “good enough”, we went to a strange place called “Battlezone”. Little did I know there was actually a place, a shop, were other people –oh, my bad- other boys and/or men went to play cards. Not just Magic, but also Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Pokemon, among others, however Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh were the games most played. I’ll never forget how everyone looked at me the first time I walked there, as if I were some sort of alien from outer space. I also remember this one random kid I said “Hi!” to, and he literally stuttered when he tried to answer back. Lol xD! Anyways, my boyfriend bought me my first pre-constructed deck that day, it was a Red/Blue control deck, it had Chandra Ablaze in it; and, contrary to the hate and boredom sentiment I had at first, I was actually pretty excited about it. The whole idea of me playing against someone else that wasn’t my bf really freaked me out, but after a while I started feeling curious as to what those other players might be like, how they played, what cards and decks they had.

After almost 4 weeks of him sweet talking to me and treating me like a princess (which he already does, by the way, he just did it times 4 on this particular occasion), he finally convinced me to go to Battlezone to play against other people. I was nervous like I’ve never been in my life. In my infinite wisdom and imagination, I though for some reason that the place would be filled with weird geeks and nerds ,talking about cards and animes all night long. In the end  they turned to be nicer than they picture it on Disney!

I met some great people there, they gave me tips, finished teaching me how to play, taught me how to tell apart a good card from a bad card, and they gave me the cards that helped my boyfriend finish the first deck he built for me. We’ve been hanging out there almost every weekend, playing with other guys and getting cards for our decks ever since. Might I add, and this is actually a very fun fact, I’m the only girl so far that plays magic there…. And plays very good, thank you very much!

My first FNM was a complete disaster; I lost every single one of my matches that night, along with my spirit, my confidence, self-esteem and hunger for 2 days straight. My first sealed and booster draft were a complete mess as well, crushed all of the above again, and also my positive energy (don’t worry, I got them all back a week later). Now, I played my 2nd FNM last week, and not to be a show-off, but I totally kicked ass that night! I didn’t win first place, nor did second (my bf did!) but I get 4th place out of 18 players. And apparently one of the matches I won was against the No. 1 player here in my country. No better confidence booster, huh?. Honestly I never though I would ever understand the game this good and, let alone, be a good player, at that.

But, other than the winning and the understanding the game, it’s the whole environment in Battlezone that warmed me up. Being the only girl there, I find the place and the guys we hang with very unique (and weird, but so am I, so whatever). I like the fact that they are actually very nice and smart guys, they treat me like one of the guys, with the jokes and the comments, and it’s actually very fun.

I look at myself back then, this innocent not-very-bright girl trying to impress and make her boyfriend happy by playing the things he likes. It’s exactly that that made me not like the game at the beginning. But now, 8 months later, being the great player that I am (modestly, of course), I’m actually extremely glad I gave the game a chance. Not only did it bring me and my boyfriend closer, but it gave me a new hobby, new ways to use my head and, of course, new friends. Sure, I would have probably gotten the same thins by myself without the game, but it would have taken longer. I’m glad he forced me to play this game (7 months ago I never would have though I would be saying those immortal words).
And for all those gamers out there with a girlfriend that simply does not understand why you play this silly game, don’t give up. Remember: its all about the sweet talking. The phrases “Pretty please” and “Do it for me” never seize to work (on both ends!), and if all else fails, try looking at it from her point of view, and seek of different ways to change her view of it.

I never though a simple game could have though me so many things and so many good moments and I really hope you liked reading this article as much as I did writing it because, even though im still learning all the mechanics of the game it is really fun to okay with all the cards and the combos there are in such a complete trading card game called magic the gathering.

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