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Magic: A Cardboard Clinic

by Arcanic_One

 We all know and love the sensation of slinging spells and claiming victory because of a top decked creature or Wrath of God, but it can mean so much more…

      I have been blessed to live a healthy life with a happy family. My friend was not so lucky. These are their stories of how Magic the Gathering helped him struggle through even the worst times.

     I have a friend (whom I’ll not say their entire name) named Trevor. Trevor was a good student, a nice guy, and always one for a laugh. And then he was diagnosed for cancer. He was in the hospital constantly over the next few months, and as you can imagine, he was in a deep depression. He loved sports and being confined to a bed and losing all his hair was a huge blow to him. Did I mention he’s a junior in high school?

     Then one day, one of his friends came in and dropped a starter pack on his lap. The two of them kind of struggled through the rules. Trevor, who was able to do nothing but school assignments and handheld videogames on his bed, eagerly snapped up the game, absorbing it like a drought-like ground in the rain. I visited him one day and he was a changed person from two weeks ago when I saw him last. There was a spark back in his eye and energy back in his voice. His humor had come back with a vengeance and he cracked more jokes than draft players cracked booster packs at a pre-release. His enthusiasm for life had come back. His new hobby gave him something to do, something to think about other than school and chemotherapy. After a painful seven months of treatment, Trevor was released from the hospital. He had beaten the cancer. The first thing he decided to do was draft on a friday night and share his story with everyone. It was a humbling experience and an eye opener. He told us something I won’t forget anytime soon. “Magic’s more than a hobby.”

     I had always heard that it was a lifestyle from avid players, but I never knew it could be such a powerful helper in someone’s life. And Trevor was right. Magic is more than a hobby, it’s a mental medicine that can work more wonders than anything a doctor can give you. Think about this when you pick up a deck, and be proud that you can be taking away peoples struggles by playing with cardboard. Until next time readers,


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