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10 Drafting Tips That You Should Know

by chaosheartx99

Drafting Magic the Gathering cards is fun, but it's more fun when you're winning than losing. Who doesn't want to get more prizes for their money? In this article, I will talk about things that many players may not know, tips that would help you do well in draft . Here are 10 tips that could boost your skills, and accelerate your DCI rankings.

1.) Don't be intimidated by Time. Take your time checking the cards out. If you're not an experienced drafter, let the other players know that you're not familiar with the new set, and that you'll need extra time to read the cards.

2.) Know What You're Dealing With Before Coming to the Shop- Check out spoilers online, check out what cards to expect, and which are good picks in draft. Use a draft simulator. Just Google "Magic the Gathering draft simulator", and you'll find one in no time so when you go to the event, you're more prepared because you know what to expect

3.) Never Give Clues What You Picked in Draft- If you got a mythic rare in your pack, don't show any clues that you have it, because other players might prepare for what you have in store for them. Show a poker face, and surprise them with something unexpected.

4.) "Rare" Doesn't Always Mean "Good" - Just because it's rare, doesn't mean you have to pick it right away. If you know it's valuable, worth $10 or more, then you can pick it, but if there's a better card that fits your colors, then just pass the rare away. There are some Commons andUncommons that are better than some Rares. This is a mistake most newbies make when it comes to drafting. They pick cards that are rare, but when it's game time, they're useless as a pancake in a bowling alley.

5.) Know the Statistics- Know the ideal numbers when it comes to deck building. Number of cards in deck: 40. Number of lands: Around 15-18, depending on your cards. Know how to balance the colors when it comes to adding lands to your deck. Don't run many colors if you think you're going to run in some problems in the game.

6.) Be Flexible- Don't be too strict on yourself. If you think you've made up your mind on what colors to use after the first pack, think again. Let's say you picked a lot of red and green cards in the first round of drafting, but in your second pack, you see a really good white card. Don't just pass it because you're not using white! Be open to possibilities, take advantage of the cards you get, and give mixed signals.

7.) Take Away Threats- If you know that there's a card in the pack that you don't want your opponent to use, take it. The best way to defend yourself from a deadly weapon is to grab that weapon right before your opponent could take it. This is called "hate draft", but make sure that you're not overdoing this.

8.) Know Some Synergies/ Combos- Some cards in Constructed Format are not that good in Limited (draft), but some really work well in draft, but not in Constructed games. Don't just look at one piece of the puzzle; sometimes, you have to look at the whole picture. Ask yourself, "What works well with this card?", "Does this fit with the other cards in my deck?

9.) Watch Out for Cheaters- A lot of people get cheated in draft, and they don't even know it. Cheaters could put cards in their decks that were not originally in the packs that were drafted, so make sure your organizer enforces some rules to prevent players from cheating. Watch for decks that seems too good in draft like if they have eight rares in the deck, which is very unlikely in draft. I'm not saying it's possible, but it's just not probable. There are more cheaters out there than you think, so watch their sleeves.

10.) It's More Than Just A Game- Some players take the game so seriously, that it almost consumes their life. Be competitive, but respect other players, judges, and/or fans. Relax, it's just a game. In fact, it's more than just a game- It's a social gathering, a stress-reliever, and a learning experience.

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