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Budget EDH 2 - Simplifying: Vorosh, the Hunter

by Kevin Weber

My friend made a Vorosh, the Hunter deck a few weeks ago and he was never happy with it.  It had some nice cards in it, but it never really ticked.

The problem was pretty clear after looking at the list.  He was trying to do way too many things with it.  Among other things, he had:

Beatdown creatures
Ramp Spells
Kill Spells
Artifact/Enchantment hate
Draw Spells
Utility Creatures
Unblockable creatures
Graveyard Recursion

Now, every once in awhile, a deck like this just works - it draws what it needs, when it needs to.  But the majority of the time, it draws a hand with a counterspell, an artifact hate spell, and a recur spell... how does that translate into a win?

After our game night yesterday, he once again lamented that he didn't know what to do with the deck.

"40 land, 20 ramp, 20 kill, 20 counters."

He looked at me like I was joking.

"Look, your deck does the best when it gets Vorosh out there and beats with him.  Ramp will help get him out a turn or two earlier, kill spells will help clear the way for him in the air, and counterspells will help protect him."

We went back to the table and ended up with something like:

44 Land
16 Mana Accel
14 Counterspells
12 Board Control Spells (kill, bounce)
4 Tutors
4 Card Draw
3 Artifact/Enchantment hate
2 General Equipment (Lightning Greaves, Whispersilk Cloak)

We shuffled up, and it was pretty clear he thought I was crazy.  The doubts quickly ended when he demolished me game 1.  He played Vorosh on turn 4, and afterward countered or killed anything I could do to stop him.

Game 2 I ended up winning, but only because he still has to get familiar with counterspells (he had Vorosh with Whispersilk on the board, but countered both Sun Titan and Primeval Titan - both effectively blanks - leaving himself with no counters when I played an entwined Tooth and Nail.)

The deck still needs tweaking.  But look at the thing from a budget perspective.  We ripped 20 or so rares from a deck, replacing them with draft fodder, and created a far stronger deck.

But more basic than that, we simplified things.  As a general rule, most EDH decks are too complex for their own good.  The power level of cards seems to blind people to the question: How is this card helping me win the game?  There's nothing wrong with having an alternate win condition or a backup plan, but including a good card simply because it's good is one of the most common deckbuilding errors.

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