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Vintage – Analyzing Silver Bullets through Ballistics: Part 2 – Rise of the Machines

by Jostin Rodriguez

The use of card drawing and tutors allow you to cheat on the density of a deck without affecting the consistency of a deck.  Running four Stoneforge Mystic  and two equipment in a deck is virtually the same as running six equipment in a deck, but it is not the same thing.  If said SFM were to get hit by Extirpate the likelihood of you drawing one of those two equipment diminishes drastically.  Using tutors implies that you want to hit a specific card by a specific time, and thus take tempo into account.  However, if a deck relies on tutors and those tutors are rendered useless, then the potential tempo gained is rendered useless as well.  Would every {W}/{X} deck run four SFM if its cost were 3W?  

Tutoring for a specific card is only as strong as the tempo gained in having that card available to you,   right then and there.  If you tutor for a card you don’t need, then no tempo has been gained.  But there is a downside: the actual density of a deck diminishes with the increased usage of tutors.  The more tutors in a deck, the fewer targets exist in that deck, and a deck that lacks targets is a deck that lacks threats.  Have you ever noticed that sligh and burn decks never use tutors?  In those strategies threat density is more important to gaining tempo than tutoring is.  What those decks lack in tutoring, they make up for in threats and utilizing the curve of their deck.  Shop decks are no different.  Look at the deck that won Worlds in 2006.

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