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Beginner's Survival Guide to FNM

by Mesmeric_Mist

Hey, it's Mesmeric Mist here, or MM as I prefer to go by. Today, I will be sharing with you a... list of sorts, of things that should help the beginners, and maybe the intermediate players in their FNM experiences. For more advanced players, maybe think back to experiences of your first FNM in your game store. For nostalgia purposes. And to humor me.

First: Don't be intimidated. Really, this one is important. When I arrived at my first FNM, I nearly crapped myself then and there from intimidation. Most players are more than willing to lend a hand to help you out. Maybe even donate free cards to you. Just loosen up and have fun. Corny? yes. One of the most effective things you will ever do, yes.

First and a Half: This goes with the first rule, but should be discussed separately. Do not beg for free cards. This annoys most people to the edge of insanity. You start begging, you get nothing. Also, beggars CANNOT be choosers. people will only give you what they want. Even if it's Tar Pit Warrior. Thank them, maybe crack a joke, and keep on keeping on. This might gain you a few friends. And, eventually, you might get a free good card for once

Second: Be on time. Nothing crunches a player's dice more than when a newbie shows up and he/she tries to get in and manages it. It messes up the order and disrupts play. I am guilty of this, only once, however. Then, after being hated and apologizing all night, I never did it again. Ever. I was almost roasted over a bonfire of Dragon Engines and Caltrops for this one, don't do it.

Third: Know how to play. C'mon, you're there to play Magic. Keyword PLAY. Don't ask for simple stuff like how to attack and block, or, god forbid, actually physically tap your cards with your finger to tap them. Know the rules. At least the basics. This will save a lot of yelling from other players. They won't mind explaining combos and other advanced mechanics to you, but please know how regeneration works. Please.

Fourth: Try and approximate the values of your cards before hand if you plan on trading. Buy some magazines that focus on magic and check them out. I got ripped so many times my first time at FNM. But, living is learning. Learn from my mistakes and prepare. And never trade for Stangg. It may be old, but all it will serve is to decorate the interior of your binder. Trust me. It was my first card I traded for and I still have it. I even tried to use it as incentive and no one wanted it. If you do get it and someone comments on it, turn towards them with a grim look in your eyes and nod, slowly. Then turn away, even slower, still staring at them. Finally, turn away entirely and sigh as if reflecting on a horrible memory. Trust me.

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