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Beginner's Survival Guide to FNM

by Mesmeric_Mist

Fifth: Formats are important. Know which cards you can and cannot use. This can cause a great deal of embarrassment to you, especially if other players are less than friendly. I got a game loss because I had a Rune of Protection: Green in my hand. At my first FNM. Thankfully, everyone was understanding and I was allowed to switch it out for a basic land, but the memory still haunts me. Know your formats.

Sixth: Avoid the creeps/losers/bullies/liches/scum/etc. These people will suck all the fun out of anything you do with them. The one at my shop, who, for legal purposes, not out of respect, shall be referred to as Nick, was a loser. He had to borrow decks constantly. Borrow money constantly. Was a loud mouthed piece of crap, and generally made me hate him. This might even make you not want to go back. But keep on going. Usually another player will defend you, or everyone will rally against him because they all hate him. Avoid these people like the symbol of evil of your choice that you fear.

Seventh: Eat something. Either right beforehand or in the middle. Or you will not be able to play at all from the wrathing agony of your gullet. This one is more important than you can suspect. Trust me, I have lost games because I didn't pitch in on the pizza the guys ordered. Drink something too. It's delicious.

Seventh and a Half: If you do drink something, don't put it on the table in an easily spillable spot, or near cards. Juice and cardboard don't mix. Except as an adhesive. And you might get yelled at a ton for this.

Eighth: Bring money. Don't scrounge. This goes back to rule First and a Half. Beggers don't go far. Ever. I forgot to bring money once and had a lot less enjoyable time as I had to beg my way into the actual competition. Make sure you can at least get in. For my sake.

Ninth: Have some freaking fun. Honestly, if you aren't partying, what's the point? Hang out with people, talk, laugh, joke, discuss other games, discuss game experience, and game strategy. You will meet some interesting people. All a lot of fun. Get deck ideas, trade for stuff, or relax and chill with a video game. It's up to you. Party like a pirate, as I always say. Make it worth your while. Let this game flourish, and rock as it should.

Ten: Conclusion. Friday Night Magic is a great place to hang out. But learn from my mistakes and avoid pitfalls before they happen. Hate to think I made so many mistakes for nothing.


Making mistakes in the world since before the year 2000!

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