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Welcome to Drafting

by Jason N

When you crack this you might think, “Cool, life from the loam!”  Think about it for a bit though.  It doesn’t really fit as a draft card.  Although Life from the Loam is an excellent combo card, it’s really one of those cards that needs to have a planned usage for it to really work.  Since there is no guarantee we keep it, our best to chance to get it is to build a really good deck.  

Checking out the rest of the pack there are a few goodies.  The two that stand out to me are Last Gasp and faith's fetters.  It might seem odd, but picking out a common from a pack first is many times your best move.  These two cards are better than many of the rares and uncommons in Ravnica.

Although both are excellent picks, between the two I would have to go with faith’s fetters.  They both have somewhat similar functions, but don’t underestimate the 4 life bonus fetters gives you.  Faith’s fetters can be a literal lifesaver.  I think it adds more utility than last gasp, and can be used to take out annoying threats that aren’t creatures, like Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree.  If you feel that you can do better with last gasp or another of the picks available go ahead.  

First pick- faith's fetters

With our starting card out of the way, we pass the pack on and see something like this.

Mark of Eviction
Voyager Staff
Wizened Snitches
Dizzy Spell
Incite Hysteria
Sadistic Augermage
Seeds of Strength
Shred Memory
Civic Wayfinder
Tidewater Minion
Votary of the Conclave
Dimir Aqueduct
Elvish Skysweeper

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