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Being A Jerk Can Make You Lose

by Allanon555

When I moved to MN, I was directed to a little card shop about 30 minutes from where I live. I enjoyed playing there, the owner wasn’t great but the atmosphere was perfect. We normally had 13 to 15 players until they closed and I was told of another card shop by a couple of friends who I had met playing magic. This other card shop was awesome. Every Friday a constructed standard tournament consisting of anywhere between 20 and 35 people and you get two packs for entering. I loved the deal but I did not like a lot of the players who went there.

The owner was a cool guy, the shop was pretty big, card selection was just fabulous all sorts of other deals and specials. A way a shop should be. For the first few weeks I loved it but not a week went by where I almost saw one of these pro players almost cry or get so red in the face because they lost to some rogue deck. It made them even more upset when they were talking before the tournament about how things like UG control isn't viable in a environment dominated by UR control. And then when for some reason they aren’t using UR control and then lose to UG control they get upset because they think that the other player shouldn’t have even been playing it in the first place!

I stopped playing around the time I saw one particular incident between two men. One guy who was in complete control of the game had said "I guess I should just quit then eh?" And the other guy then proceeded to scoop up his cards and declare himself the winner because the other guy said "I quit". Since when is a game so important that you are willing to ruin your reputation as a person to try and squeak by a win on a technicality that you know won’t work? Are they that upset about losing that they will do anything to keep it from happening because "They are the best player ever and shouldn’t lose games". Nobody wants to lose games but its going to happen so why make your’ self out as a horrible person in the process?

I went and stopped playing in real life at this point and went for magic online instead. However, constant drafting on magic online led me to want to play in real life again. So after Dissention I went and played in a draft. We had enough people for 3 pods. Unfortunately for me I got stuck between two friends who the entire draft would NOT stop making fun of me. My picks were as such, 1. Temple Garden. 2. Compulsive Research. 3 Watchwolf. 4. Galvanic Arc. 5.Compulsive Research. Now I admit I got kind of confused as what colors I was going up until the 2nd Compulsive. However, the two guys to the left and right of me would not stop making fun of the picks I was making.. Sighing, shaking their head, saying things like "I guess Guardian of the Guildpact isn't playable in white!" with every single white bomb card that I passed. Why? Cause they talked to each other and after the game and decided I was going white because I had taken Watchwolf.

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